Space Tourisim

By Jackson

The Basics of Space Tourism

before you learn the fundamentals of space tourism, you need to learn the basics. first of all there are 5 steps of space tourism;

  1. a larger plane lifts the small spacecraft to an altitude of about 10 miles
  2. the smaller spacecraft is released and continues to glide until its rocket boosters are activated and at the same time, the larger plane goes back down for landing
  3. the smaller spaceship executes a turn and points itself straight up
  4. pilot cuts engine at an altitude of 62 miles, and the passengers experience 6 minutes of weightlessness
  5. the specially designed wings angle back down for a safe trip back to earth

These Are the Statistics of the Space Industry

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VIRGIN Galactic Commercial Space Travel Flights Start October 2012 For $200,000 Per Ticket

Pros and cons of Space Tourism

The positives and negatives of space tourism;


  • space tourism is a rapidly growing industry and has unlimited potential
  • space tourism is a high paying industry


  • there will be accidents
  • it takes a lot of money to start up
  • a lot of people (including myself) think it is to expensive to pay for

3 Questions: Space Tourist Fears

My opinion

I would recommend space tourism as an industry to look into. Although there will most likely be accidents, there will always be accidents in space because it is so unknown. Even though there will be accidents once the market picks up the costs will far outweigh the risks.