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January 2022

Our Lions... Our pride!

Principal: Maria Rosas-Gonzalez

Assistant Principal: Mark Gorena

Counselor: Judy Pequeno-Lopez

Student Success Specialist: Ruth Carrillo

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Counselor's Corner- Mrs. Lopez

This month we’re talking about the character trait of Respect. The dictionary defines it as the value of admiring another person for who they are and what they do. The definition we are using in class is:


Seeing good in people and things (and treating them with care).

We are also talking about Respect in the context of using good manners, not using inappropriate or offensive language, being courteous to one another, resolving conflicts peacefully, and treating one another as we would want to be treated (and how they want to be treated!).


Hang a ruler somewhere in the house or make one out of a piece of paper and call it the “Respect Ruler.” Talk with your child about what each end of the ruler means – on one end is “disrespectful” and on the other is “respectful.” Anytime your child makes a choice that is disrespectful or respectful towards themselves or others, walk them to the “Respect Ruler” and have them self-identify where they think that choice was on the scale and why. Anytime your answer is different than theirs, talk about why!

Xello -Explore interests and careers

Students can find this icon in their classlink portal. Please have your child explore the app at least 15 minutes a week.

If you have any questions please reach out to Mrs. Lopez by phone (281)420-4625 or email:

January 2022 -Lunch Menu

Click on the link for the breakfast and lunch menu.
Parent Survey on School Menus

Parents: If you have 5 minutes, please take our short survey about School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.

Note from the Physical Education Teachers: Coach Massengale and Coach Garcia

SHAPE America recommends school-age children accumulate at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of physical activity per day. Each bout of physical activity should be followed by cool-down stretches that help reduce soreness and avoid injury. Happy exercising! You are able to use the calendars below.
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Note from the Nurse: Mrs. Lathan

The colder weather is now among us ❄️! Please refer to the flyer below on important safety tips while using various types of heaters in your home.

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Resources available in our Community

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