The Line

Teri Hall

Elementary School Teacher

  • employment is projected to grow, increasing 7-13%
  • working in Wisconsin, USA
  • average annual salary is $44,272
  • opportunity for pay raise with more education and experience
  • must be able to work with other educators, parents, and students
  • some schools base your pay on the success of your students
  • health insurance, retirement benefits, possible life insurance, and more are provided as benefits
  • must be extremely technologically savvy
  • can retire at the age of 80 due to raise in life expectancy
  • have to compete with robots for positions because some schools are beginning to move towards online classrooms and robots who know practically everything

Plot Summary



  • Laurel (dynamic)
  • Fletcher (dynamic)
  • Principal Rawling (static)


  • Thatcher (static)


  • National Border Security (the Limit)


  • year: 2043
  • location: Warof Elementary School, United States (1/2 mile from the Limit)
  • Introduce Laurel, elementary school teacher
  • Introduce Fletcher, one of Laurel's students

Rising Action

  • Fletcher approaches his teacher about a compact disc he discovered
  • On the compact disc, which Laurel plays on her (now ancient) compact disc player, is instructions for destroying the Limit that were never discovered before
  • Word gets to H-Tron Aerok that the Limit can be compromised if they get the compact disc in their possession


  • H-Tron Aerok has had spies laying low in the U.S. for years, just in case
  • The spies capture Fletcher after locating the compact disc, but it is in Laurel's possession at the time
  • Laurel must keep out of harms way, save Fletcher, hide the disc, and not allow anyone to find out (especially Principal Rawling)

Falling Action

  • Laurel makes a plan with her friend Thatcher who was living during the time when the Limit was first constructed
  • Principal Rawling is always showing up when Laurel's putting plans together
  • Thatcher creates a system for the Limit to only allow U.S. citizens across, tells H-Tron Aerok that he's disarming the Limit


  • Thatcher disarms the Limit and enacts new technology
  • Fletcher makes it across the Limit back to the U.S.
  • Mr. Rawling steals the compact disc and takes it to H-Tron Aerok

to be continued...

Book Jacket Summary

Laurel works at the commonly serene elementary school, Warof Elementary, located a half mile from the National Border Security known as "The Limit." Before the school bell rang 8:05 one Thursday morning, a student, Fletcher, brings her something she hasn't seen in years, something that will change her life. (A compact disc, now ancient, with directions for destroying The Limit.) The totalitarian enemy of the U.S., H-Tron Aerok, get's word of this and captures young Fletcher. Can Laurel save Fletcher while protecting the disc and keeping the situation quiet from the sneaky Principal Rawling?

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