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March 2018

From the desk of Mrs. Larva

Emergency Safety Procedures

Recently, our country was shaken by another school shooting. My heart is breaking for the victim's families and the entire community. The media coverage of the event and the focused attention on gun control may cause your child to ask questions about their safety at school.

At Lowell, we regularly practice our procedural protocols to ensure that students and staff follow our emergency response plan. We have three types of drills that we conduct: Fire, Lockdown and Tornado. Teachers explain to the students that we practice these drills to "stay safe" and review the procedures in depth at the beginning of the year.

The following information was communicated to families through Lowell's Family Handbook that was shared in the fall:

Fire Drills / Lockdown Drills / Severe Weather Drill

Each year, the principal is required to conduct five (5) fire drills to ensure that students practice the procedures in case of a fire emergency. The first fire drill must be conducted within the first 10 days of school. In a fire drill, the alarms will go off (rather loudly) and students will be escorted from the classroom quietly, quickly, and in single file out of the building. Teachers will reassure the students that these drills are just “practice”. The first fire drill is communicated out with all staff members. The remaining planned drills are not communicated to staff.

Additionally, five (5) emergency lock down drills are conducted each year. The first will be communicated and will occur during the first month of school. These drills are NOT indicated with an alarm. Instead, the principal will announce a lockdown drill PRACTICE over the intercom. Teachers will lock the students inside of the classroom, keeping them away from visible locations. The students will practice quietly sitting in a location with the lights off. The principal will announce the “All Clear” over the intercom when the practice is concluded.

A severe weather drill is conducted each April. Tornado Safe areas have been indicated for the school. At the intercom announcement (in case we cannot hear the sirens), teachers will move all students to the safe location designated for their class. Students will practice sitting quietly in position until the drill is concluded.

Next Lockdown Drill

Usually, we only announce the first fire and lockdown drills so that teachers and students have time to practice beforehand. However, in light of recent events, I would to provide the opportunity for families to discuss our procedures before the next drill at home. Our next lockdown drill will be on Monday, March 5.

Resources for Parents when talking about Emergency procedures:

From the Washington Post: https://goo.gl/MAvW3X

From the National Association of School Psychologists: https://goo.gl/WJpX9f

From the American School Counselor Association: https://goo.gl/r9y8J6

Lyric Opera of the North

On Friday, March 2 at 9:15 AM, sixteen (16) Lowell students will participate as singers in a short opera performance, Orpheus Returns. Ms. Regan Walsh, our Music teacher, has been preparing these students for a school-wide performance. Any parent that is interested in attending the performance is welcomed. Please sign in as a visitor upon entering the building.

Through its programs, Opera for the Young aims to introduce students to the art form. The opera is presented as an entertaining variation of the oldest form of communal entertainment - story telling. The opera being performed tells the story of Orpheus and his Harp, famous musicians whose singing and playing had magical powers.

Important Upcoming Dates

March 2: Lyric Opera of the North performance 9:15 AM

March 16: Family Dance 6-8pm

March 19: PTA Meeting

March 26: Kindergarten Roundup

  • AM Session: 9:00-11:00 AM
  • PM Session: 4:00-6:30 PM
  • No school for current students in Kindergarten and Mrs. Joseph's room
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Save the Date! Friday May 25

Grandparent's Day is coming up this spring. More details will be coming out as to times and format in April.

The Math Corner

Play grocery store math.

The supermarket is an ideal place to use math skills, particularly for older children. Point out that yogurt is $2.59 a six-pack. Ask how much it would cost to buy 3? Your child can round up to $2.60 or $3.00 and figure this out. Talk about how (s)he arrived at that number, point out how the estimate differs from the true cost. Or get the latest advertisement announcing sales from the grocery store. Have your child look at the specials on fruit and determine how to spend $10.00. Supply your child with paper and pencil, and maybe a calculator, as well, so (s)he can practice using calculators the way adults use them every day.

Cindy Upton, Math Interventionist

Kindergarten Roundup

Monday, March 26th, 9am-6:30pm

2000 Rice Lake Road

Duluth, MN

Do you have a 5-year old that will entering Kindergarten next year? Do you know a child in the neighborhood that you believe will be within the Lowell boundary? Now is the time to spread the word about our Kindergarten Roundup event!

We will have two sessions:

  • AM session: 9:00-11:00 AM
  • PM session: 4:00-6:30 PM

To learn more about our kindergarten options, please visit our website:


The Bookworm Club

Vocabulary Boosters

A large vocabulary can turn your child into a better reader and writer. Try these everyday ways to help your child learn new words.

Keep your Ears Open

When you and your child go places, point out words that people use. Maybe a waitress describes an entree or the dentist talks about molars. Encourage your child to figure out what the words mean by the way they are used.

Go beyond Nouns

Help your child add adjectives and verbs to his vocabulary. Sports and games offer opportunities to use action words. Let your child hear you comment on the softball that soars or the runner who sprints. When (s)he sends thank-you notes or greeting cards, suggest descriptive words (a polka-dot shirt, a fantastic birthday).

Mrs. Larva's Book Pick

There are many different kinds of teachers out there. Everyone knows them: the mean ones, the boring ones, the ones that just don't care. That is NOT Mrs. Bixby. She is that teacher that makes you feel important and takes the time to know more about you. She is that teacher that you do NOT want to disappoint.

Topher, Brand and Steve each know this feeling all to well. So when Ms. Bixby announces that she will not be able to finish out the school year, the trio come up with a plan to give her the BEST LAST DAY EVER! Unfortunately, Ms. Bixby is not even well enough to make it to her special party. These three then decide that they must find a way to give her the day she deserves.

This one is a tear-jerker! Be prepared for a few Kleenexes as these boys tell their story of what Ms. Bixby means to them.

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P.E. Winter Newsletter

In Physical Education class we focus on “Being Good Team Members” and the understanding that activities and games work when we are SAFE, KIND, RESPECTFUL, and HONEST Always!


We had an amazing kick-off assembly on February 7 to start our Jump for Heart event. Our Fourth and Fifth graders performed amazing jump rope skills...short and long rope tricks, pogo sticks while jumping rope, double dutch, and juggling while pogo jumping!

Summer Hagy from the American Heart Association attended our kick-off and talked about the importance of keeping our hearts healthy and strong and also the importance of helping others who have heart problems. Through our Jump for Heart event students learn the value of community service and become empowered to contribute to their community's welfare. They join together in helping other kids with special hearts. Our students learn how to develop heart-healthy habits while being physically active. They learn jump rope skills for a lifelong activity and help our school earn free PE equipment!

Lowell students have earned over $2700 this year! Top fundraisers will be announced in the April Newsletter!

Thank you to all our Lowell students participating in this wonderful event!

Dates to remember!

March 2nd!...

LAST day to turn in donations to the American Heart Association! Donations can be turned in to the office or register online at heart.org/jump

FIT and FUN Run: May 16 at PSS, (Denfeld) Times to be announced!

FIELD DAY: Last Day of School! Volunteers will be needed to help with field day stations.

The UMD Methods Course students are here at Lowell until the end of April. Eight students from UMD are visiting our awesome school/Gym and bringing their expertise and great ideas for teaching our students.

Action Based Learning!

Brain research supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance. The Lowell PE program provides motor learning activities to strengthen cognitive development. In addition to our Physical Education program, Action Based Learning activities are available in the Barnes Gym for all students.

DON’T Forget Your GYM SHOES!

Kristin Bergerson, PE Specialist

218-336-8895 #3002

Lowell Happenings

Creative Fourth Grade Inventors!

The goal of the Inventor's Fair is for students to gain an understanding of the inventing and engineering process. The fourth graders identified everyday problems and looked for solutions to those problems. Fourth graders then tested out their solutions to see if they were effective or not. The goal is for the fourth graders to focus a lot on thinking like an inventor, using a growth mindset and learning from their mistakes. They learned that mistakes are a great opportunity to learn something. For their final project student's shared their invention, created a display board and presented their invention. Judges then used a set of criteria to award the top 3 inventions for each class while students also voted for their "Student's Choice" favorite invention.

Our winners and the name of their inventions for 2018 are...drum roll please...


3) Lyvia Kamunen: Nip’ N Eat

2) Luci Chastey: H2o To Go

1) Andrew Mellin: Kwik Pik

Kids Choice - Samantha Miller: Hamster Runner


3) Natalie Carter- Duffel Divider

2) Lydia Weisman- Pet Feeder

1)Mason Lamiao- Filter to Go

Kids Choice: Anja Bucar- Winter Gear Dryer



On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Kara Thombke from the College of Saint Scholastica brought over approximately 50 science students to provide elementary students with a fun STEM based learning day. There were fun STEM stations set up around the building for students to visit. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


The student council would like to thank Kristin Klos-Maki for contacting SAVERS during the Giving Tree clothing drive. Bethany and Stephanie at SAVERS worked with Kristin to donate 5 large boxes of winter gear for our Lowell families in need. Families in need of gently used boots, snowpants, hats, mittens, etc should contact Taylor Walling (taylor.walling@isd709.org or 218-336-8895 x2681) or Amanda Borling (amanda.borling@isd709.org or 218-336-8895 x3020).

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Community Announcements

Please note:

We are often asked to distribute information for community groups. These have not been vetted by the school district. Please use your own judgement when evaluating the content of these flyers.
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Lowell is a neighborhood school of over 400 students. We have three language approaches to learning: English, Ojibwe, and Spanish! For more information about the two language immersion programs that are hosted at Lowell, please see our website. We are passionate about student learning and success! Our nature play space and school forest allow children additional outdoor opportunities.