All NEW SE!!!


SE-A revolutionary solution

Are you sick of being just the "average" teen at school? Do you find yourself gawking at other people & celebs, just wishing you could be one-of-a-kind like them? Then set yourself apart from the rest of the world with an SE. Be the the red tulip in a field of yellow sunflowers or the bride in a pink dress. With a few sprays of this vividly scented perfume, you will become so unique & special that even the most popular table at school won't be fit for you!

What SE can do?

SE body mist enables you to stand out in the midst of even the most attractive people! Once you spray this mist on yourself, everything about you will become unbelievably phenomonal! Whether it's your talent or simply just your shirt, SE can turn whatever you have into an incomparable masterpiece. SE comes in many different scents including Colonge & AX for guys!

SE Begginings:

SE, like most of us, was a regular teenage girl who blended in with her surroundings a little TOO well. She was always just the "normal" girl at the park or "simply" a performer in a play. One day, as SE looked through a magazine full of teen celebrities, she was inspired to become someone outstanding; someone who would make the world different. She soon became an actress/popstar and wanted to help other teens who had trouble parting from "average" and finding their dreams. She paired up with Bath & Body Works to create body scents that would bring out teen's inner potential. SE was crafted just for you! So hurry, be among the first teens to be INDIVIDUAL AT LAST; COMPLETELY REBORN;)