Dominican Republic

Lindsay Hall

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Backgroud Infomation

Capital: Santo Domingo

Majour Cities: La Vega , Punta Cana


Dominican Republic was controlled by the Spanish colony's. It gain independence in Febuarary 27,1844. It was not controlled by another country. The official language of Dominican Republic is Spanish.

Geographical Information

My country is located to the right of Haiti, North of Venezuela, South of Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean Sea.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Dominican Republic government is democratic republic.
The leader of Dominican Republic is Danilo Medina.
Dominican Republic is on good terms with other countries because they Export and Imports to different countries.

Economic and Trade Information

Currency: Peso
Economic System: Capitalism
Dominican Republic imports foodstuffs,petroleum,cotton fabrics,chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They import from U.S,Venezuela,China,Mexico,and Columbia.
Dominican Republic exports ferronickel, sugar, gold, sliver,coffee, cocoa,tobacco,meats and consumers goods.They exports to U.S, Haiti, and China.

Tourist Information

People should visit Dominican Republic because it stays warm all year long approximately 77 degrees fahrenheit.It also has clear blue waters at the beach.
Tourists should go to Punta Cana for the fun family resorts and the beautiful beaches with clear blue water.Tourists should also go to Santo Domingo it one of the oldest cities in Dominican Republic its has lots of history and agriculture.