6th Grade ELAR

Weekly Newsletter - October 17-21

This Week in Reading

We will start our Drama unit. We will discuss how reading a play or drama is very different from reading a short story or novel. At the beginning of the week we will compare and contrast characteristics between a play and short story. We will then determine and define text features used in plays. Later in the week we will analyze how those same text features affect how a play is to be read and performed.

This Week in Writing

We will start our grammar boot camp. In this unit students will focus on how to understand the most common errors writers make and how those errors affect the meaning the reader takes away from the piece. At the beginning of the week will look at prepositional phrases and how they add description to our writing. We will then discuss how we can use description to aide in the visualization of our writing. Later in the week we will analyze how we can use coordinating conjunctions to combine ideas. We will also discuss how to use subordinating conjunctions to separate introductory elements in our sentences.


On Level: Prometheus Defeated

Level One: The Most Powerful Thing in the World

Grammar Skill: Verb Tenses

Word of the Week: Stamina

Important Dates and Reminders

Monday 10/17 – Independent Reading Quadrant 4 Assessment

Friday 10/21 – Homework Due and Homework Quiz