Mother/Daughter Valentine's Class!

or grandma/granddaughter, aunt/niece, sisters, lady friend!

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day! Super early, I know. But we LOVE hearts in our house (okay, I love hearts and so my daughter doesn't have a choice but to have tons of heart stickers and clothes with hearts and heart stamps, etc!). And we've had a year full of love, so there's lots to celebrate this February 14th!

So, I thought it would be the PERFECT time to have my FIRST mother/daughter art class! (or grandmama/granddaughter, aunt/niece, big sis/lil sis, lady friend/youngin, etc.) Why not celebrate the love holiday doing something super crafty, and have a treasure to hang around the house to remind you/your artist of your fun day and love for each other!?! Saylor and I created the demo together and I seriously cannot wait to hang it up in our house. Now I just have to create something with baby Violet... hmmm.... ;)

here we are, making ours together:

Big image

somehow, creating with Saylor ALWAYS ends up with a painted hand...

Big image

As a collaboration, you will use mixed media to make this creation on a 16"x20" canvas. NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY... Please don't be discouraged if you think you're not artistic! (which, by the way, you probably are and you just don't know it...) I have created stencils for all of it and you can use them. No shame in that! It's more about a special experience to share with a little artist you love and to always have this treasure to look back on to remind you of it!

class details:

  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • 4:00-6:00
  • $50 per "couple", $65 if there are 3 of you
  • youngins between the ages 5-10, "adults" can be 12 and up! (***must be in kindergarten if 5)
  • cash/check only, please :)
  • remember to wear art friendly clothing... acrylic paint stains!

I hope to see you and your little elephant!! Please call/text me (Morgan) to sign-up at (252)207-6914 OR just reply to this email!

our creation:

Big image

"be brave and create" 8-week class starting soon!

During these 8 weeks, we will make SO many fun, fabulous art projects, using a different medium each week. The final class will be an ART SHOW where the artists will proudly show off their amazing creations to their families and friends. "Be Brave and Create" is all about creating from the heart... having the courage to be their beautiful, authentic selves. Each week, we'll talk about different messages, including: why you're beautiful the way you are, standing up for yourself, be respectful to yourself and others, be peaceful, and a couple more. We will make our own crystals (can't wait for this one!), collage, make string art, use a 3D printer, sew, create jewelry, use acrylic and watercolor paints, and will be exposed to lots of different, special art supplies.

IF you've attended this course in the past, this one will be COMPLETELY different (and QUITE exciting, if I do say so myself!) :)

  • girls, ages 5-8 (must be in kindergarten if 5)
  • $240 per artist (can be split into 2 payments, $120 upon registration and $120 after week 3 of class)
  • DATES of class: 2/23, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26 (this last class will be our SUPER special art show!!!!) ***change in dates since last email!
  • 4:00-6:00 each week ***change in time since last email!

If you know you'll be missing a particular date in advance, we can schedule a quick makeup session before or after a different class!

***This class is contingent upon the number of registrants. I have to have at least 12 girls sign up to hold the class! Please let me know ASAP if you're interested by calling or texting me at 252.207.6914 or simply reply to this email. Feel free to share this email with a friend or two! :)

With wildflower love,

Morgan Vuyovich