Mixed Economy

The Right place for you

Benefits of Economy

The benefits of being in a mixed economy is that it can reduce the amount of government regulation and government control prevalent in a command economy . Mixed economies can enable some government regulation in areas where there is market failures. Mixed economies is the most effective economy for providing goods and services. It protects consumers and workers from unfair policies. Come into a mixed economy where you can have a choice and a say!


  • The United States Is a Mixed Economy
  • part of the economy is left to the free market, and part of it is run by the government
  • mixed economies start from the basis of allowing private enterprise to run most business .
  • spreads money in public services
  • consumers choice
  • competition keeps prices low
Mixed Economy


Some people say that Mixed economies have heavy taxes that reduce incentives to work hard or make profits and that there is also efficient than private sector. Actually, Mixed Economies have a private sector that is encouraged for profits. It is the consumers choice of businesses and also mixed economies provide the essential services.


The Best Choice for Wealth Distribution

This Economy provides public goods and individuals own means of production. Come and join the Mixed Economy where you have a choice! Yes government has a say in some things but you also have a say! Don't let anybody tell you what to do and decide your choices. Mixed Economy is the right economy for you!!!