Principal Announcements and Weekly Schedule

December 14 - 18

14 - RED

PD Monday Morning - Enjoy reflecting on what has gone well this semester. Take some time to map out standards for second semester. We will begin PLCs in January to analyze data, evaluate our instruction and assessments, etc. You can meet in your rooms and then enjoy the extra time to get caught up before Christmas break.

(Mickey and I will be at a conference in Indianapolis for High Ability)

Santa Shoppe

15 - WHITE

Santa Shoppe

Second day for High Ability Conference for Mrs. Dalton

16 - BLACK

Santa Shoppe

17 - RED

Panther Pride Breakfast

ISTEP meeting (Mrs. Dalton)

Admin Meeting (Mrs. Dalton)

18 - WHITE

GIFT OF TIME from Mrs. Dalton to Eastbrook South Team (8:30 - 10:00... I will deliver students to you when we are done. :) Bring students to the gym at 8:30. ENJOY!

Christmas Sing-a-Long and Reindeer Games @ 1:00pm

Thought for the Week: Do Something Great Do Something Great. Three words. Alone they are nothing special. Two of the words are as bland as white paste. One word, “Great” has some kick like cayenne pepper added to a chili recipe. Do Something Great. Think about these words. Let them rattle around in your head a little and settle into your thoughts. Do Something Great. Let these words roll around your tongue a bit. Do Something Great. Allow these words to guide your hands, your feet, your heart, and your interactions today. Do Something Great. Together these words offer hope and potential. Today, don’t just do something, do something great.

Announcements/Upcoming Events

  • Resting
  • Relaxing
  • Time with friends and family
  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • Well deserved time off!!! Enjoy!
  • January 4 - We will start back with Team Time in the library for Monday's PD time.