VCR Presentation Lesson 7

Ethan Huang

Fill in the Blank

Emma Stone plays Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan in The Help who is an important ______________ to the story; she is hardworking and energetic to achieve her goals.
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The Word

dynamo (noun)

1. an electrical generator

2. an extremely forceful, energetic, or hardworking person

The full term for the first definition is dynamoelectric machine. The second definition is commonly used in a positive connotation.

Its Roots

dunamis (G.) "power"

dunasthai (G.) "to be able," "to have strength"

When put together, both of these words have correlation with both definitions of dynamo, since a dynamo has the power to create power and a dynamo also the strength and is able to perform things energetically.


First definition:

  • generator
  • turbine

Second Definition:

  • overachiever
  • powerhouse
  • doer


First Definition:

There are no literal antonyms for the first definition.

Second Definition:

  • idler
  • loafer
  • slouch
  • underachiever

Another dynamo from The Help is Aibileen Clark, an African-American women working as a housemaid for white families, always so busy taking care of their children and cleaning their houses.

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Dynamo is also a famous English magician who is known for his television show Dynamo: Mission Impossible, which is wildly popular in the UK.

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Choose the letter in which the word is used incorrectly

A. Derek was struggling in Calculus, pushing himself to become a dynamo in order to work hard to achieve a good grade.

B. Rachael was a dynamo in the playing the violin, always winning competitions with her hardworking personality.

C. As Max became more and more lazy, his classmates started to call him a dynamo for his underachieving behavior.

D. The power plant uses a dynamo to generate electricity for the suburbs and the entire city.

The correct answer is C because the word is used in terms of its antonym's definition.