Puketapu School Newsletter

Week 10, Term 4, 2019

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

Kia kaha - do your best * Kia māia - be courageous * Kia manawanui - have a heart

From our Principal

Kia ora koutou,

Thank you for an outstanding year. We have loved being a part of your family and having you as part of our Puketapu whanau.

We are really excited about 2020 having continuity with staff, new learning spaces to design and build, new families joining and us and growing ourselves as professionals.

Our Te Matauranga o Puketapu (Our Puketapu Curriculum) will focus on this statement:

"At Puketapu School we believe that our students contribute to their learning, their whanau & their community, they are communicators, they are kind to themselves, others and their environment, they are learners, they have a strong sense of belonging and they look after their own wellbeing."

We wish you all an enjoyable summer and encourage everyone to spend quality time with each other.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou.

Matua Ngatai

From the Board

Over recent months, through surveys, our Community Korero and face to face meetings, the Board has been collecting feedback from our community.

In summary:

What are we doing well?

  • A strong sense of community
  • Living example of our school values with kindness actively promoted and diversity celebrated
  • Committed staff, management and Board to the school and the wider school whānau
  • A focus on the whole child and their well-being

What people have said

  • “Supportive community, a strong sense of identity, committed staff, strong leadership”
  • “Kindness is a focus, acknowledging that children need to move and play, providing a variety of opportunities”
  • “Connection to local hapū and kapa haka”
  • “Too much school growth so fast, makes it super hard for our teachers”
  • “Managing change – its constant in our community”
  • “Communication – late notice of events and sharing how/why to community, seesaw is awesome but nothing for the rest of the school”

On Our Radar:

Managing our rapid roll growth and the rapid change that has brought:

The number of enrolled students at Puketapu school has increased over the last few years. Our “school zoning” is nearing finalisation and early planning for our new learning spaces is underway. While change can be unsettling, change has also presented opportunities to our school community. We are excited to be heading onto 2020 with stability in terms of our staff.

Ways to communicate effectively and efficiently with our community

Although many aspects of our communication are strong, we know we can always do better. Parents have indicated the timeliness of some communication could be improved. We value the feedback from our school community and will aim to actively work on maintaining and improving systems for communication.

Finalising the Puketapu curriculum and Strategic Plan

Our leadership team have been busy developing a distinctly Puketapu curriculum. The feedback given at our community hui and through the online survey collated by Auckland University’s Dr. Melinda Webber has provided rich data for this. The Board of Trustees is also task of reviewing our strategic plan and the community korero will help shape the direction of this plan.

Thank you to all those who provided feedback and their thoughts to the Board as part of this process. We look forward to developing these areas and others in 2020 and beyond.

Our End of Year Showcase

It was amazing to be able to celebrate so many of our students at our showcase and to share this with so many of our whanau.

Thank you to Emma and Ayla who sang so beautifully, to our Kapa Haka group for their excellent performances,

to Kirsty and Areiana for their speech on climate change and to our current Kaitiaki Tama and Kaitiaki Kotiro, Nga Motu and Serennah for hosting.

We were delighted to recognise Mr Lindsay and Mrs Gibson-Harris who recently completed their studies and are now fully qualified teachers.

We were also delighted to recognise Mr Barrientos and Mrs Johnstone, who have now completed their two years as provisionally registered teachers and are now fully registered teachers.

Big picture

Trophy Winners

At our Graduation Assembly on Monday, we were delighted to announce the winners of the Puketapu Trophies:


Alan Smith Citizenship Trophy

Donated by former Principal, Mr Alan Smith, first awarded in 2006 to Misikei Fonoti.

This award is offered to the boy and girl, or boys and girls, in Year 8 who meet the following criteria:

  • They exhibit a respectful attitude towards themselves, and in their dealing with others

  • They exhibit high standards of personal conduct and of personal effort in their learning and in their social relationships.

  • They are an excellent role model to other students in the school

  • They have evidence of strong school involvement

  • They have a positive attitude towards the philosophies of the school and to the people they work with, teachers and students

  • They exhibit the principles of ‘fair play’ in all sporting and cultural activities

  • They prove to be a ‘good friend’ to their peers

Congratulations... Vinny Sturmey-Christiansen

Big picture
Vinny is always putting his hand up for duties such as road patrol or sports shed and is often the first to volunteer.

The Arts & Culture

Puketapu Arts Award

Donated by former Deputy Principal Steve Wright (1997-2012), first awarded in 2012 to Parris Faapulou.

The purpose of this award is to encourage and celebrate the arts and performance. Students eligible have made an Exceptional Contribution to Performing Arts:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what a Performing Arts really is

  • Be an inspiration to others and have the ability to coach younger, less experienced students in the skills of Performing Arts.

  • Able and willing to take part in any formal or informal, production, concert or play.

  • Confident in fronting an audience.

Congratulations to... Troy Perry

Big picture
Troy has shown excellence in drama and dance as we saw during the SOMAD performance.


Donated by former Principal Mike Johnson (2005-2015), the purpose of this award is to encourage sporting success and attitude in our school.
  • Excellence in Sports (School, Provincial, National Representative Teams)

  • Participation in and out of school

  • Team member – acceptance of rules and other persons

  • Attitude - Giving back to sport e.g. coaching), determination, self-drive

  • Leadership qualities

  • Role Model

  • Fair play

  • Individual commitment

  • Pride in achievement

Congratulations to.... Caesar Davis


Mainfreight Duffy Award for Academic Excellence

Donated by our Duffy major sponsor Mainfreight. First awarded to Jeremy McMillan in 1997.

The purpose of this award is to encourage academic success in the classroom. It will be awarded to the highest achieving Year 8 student based on their educational and academic achievements. This award is based on the following criteria:

  • Achievement in school-based assessment and evaluation
  • Results of standardised testing
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning in all academic areas (i.e. all seven learning areas)
  • Demonstrate high motivation, initiation, integrity, intellectual depth and leadership judgement
  • Participation and success in external curricula events

Congratulations to... Hana Ashworth-Hall

Big picture

Kapa Haka

Mataatua Taonga

New for 2019, in honour of the many years Mataatua Te Rongopatai has worked with our tamariki, this award is presented to a student (Boy or Girl) from any ethnic group.

Tamariki must

  • Be secure in the knowledge of his / her ancestral links

  • Positively model leadership in Maori Culture through a variety of opportunities, eg Tikanga, te Reo, Kapahaka etc.

  • Demonstrate self-worth, self-esteem and personal pride in his or her attitude, behaviour or demeanour

  • Display physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and knowledge and respect for him/herself and others

Congratulations to... Corban Read and Caesar Davis

Big picture
Corban Read and Caesar Davis with Mataatua Te Rongopatai

Values Awards

Each classroom teacher had the unenviable challenge of selecting just one student from each class for each value. It was a very tough decision in many classes! The winners are:

Addison Leathley * Alex Cross * Alexander Den-McKay * Amy-Jaide Paki * Bella Neilson * Brianna Edgecombe * Cara Edwards * Chayce Wilson * Connie Upton-Fleming * Deja Tohi * Ella Raupatu * Emma Warring * Esther Poching * Hamu Adams * Harmony Lambert * Horizon Scott * Imogen Den-McKay * Jakaila Hori * Jeosh Rafal * Kayden Burnard * Keanu Tango * Khan Barnard-Perry * Khorus Ihimaera-Te-Waaka * Kierah Hosking * Kyla Dorne * Kylah Neilson * Kyra-Jae Paki * Lajayshea Hori * Layla Read * Mallory Leaf * Marissa Gordon * Mason Waugh * Mika Falaniko * Nixon Gadsby * Noah Ramsdale * Pavihi Ekeroma * Rangi Tau Brider * Serennah Hobin * Sophie Morrison * Taaj Prestney * Taine Mckenna * Tayla Gorrie * Taylor Harvey * Tayte Hancock * Tyson Manu-Millar Aldworth * Yelena Poching

Big picture

Our Kowhai Values Award winners - just a few of the many wonderful students recognised at Showcase.

Special Awards

There were two special awards this year, for National Sporting Honours:

Caesar Davis who represented NZ Maori Rugby League

and Maui Walker who represented NZ Inline Hockey

2020 Kaitiaki

We were delighted to announce our Kaitiaki for 2020:

Kaitiaki Tama for the first half of the year will be:

Tiki Ngarangi

Kaitiaki Kotiro for the first half of the year will be:

Bella Stainthorpe

Whanau Leaders:

  • Tui: Chayce Wilson and Kyla Dorne
  • Piwakawaka: Nathan Deacon and Kierah Hosking
  • Kiwi: Maui Walker and Emma Lepper
  • Kakapo: Jahliyah McLeod-Chard and Jeosh Rafal

Big picture

Graduation Dinner

What a night! Thank you to all the people involved last night behind the scenes and during the Graduation Dinner, especially Cushla and the Home & School Team, Craig Leathley for the wonderful ham, Helen Radcliffe for the amazing meringues, Matua Ale for his MC services, the Kauri Team and Mrs Whelan for all the organising, and Northpoint Church for providing their wonderful venue. Huge thanks also to Egmont Texturers for their very generous donation towards the Graduation Hoodies.

It was a really great send off to our Year 8 graduates.


    Congratulations to our Duffy Award winners. Duffy Awards are given to recognise academic achievement or improvement and progress towards learning goals.
    • Losa Fonoti
    • Chayse Hodson
    • Sapphire Kuchler

    Our Duffy Awards are sponsored by First Gas.


    We hope you have a restful and happy school break.

    We look forward to seeing you in the New Year:

    Tuesday 4 Feb

    • Head Start Hui (bookings open in Week 9)

    Wednesday 5 February

    • First day in class!

    The School Office will be open limited hours the week before for stationery purchases and queries.

    Head Start Hui - Tuesday 4 February 2020

    Our Head Start Hui day is for every student at school.

    Each learner brings their parents/whanau along for a meeting with their teacher. This is about introductions, goal setting and getting to know each other.

    We want to hear from you about your child, and hear from your child about what they want to get from the new year at school.

    Bookings are made online - www.schoolinterviews

    The Event Code is hs8yp

    Enter your details and choose a time that suits you.


    Stationery lists for all classes are available on our Facebook page and on our web site.

    All students should have their stationery before school starts.

    To save time and money and earn points for our school, you can buy class packs directly from OfficeMax - www.myschool.co.nz - order online and choose if you pay in December or January and delivery is free for orders over $46. Easy as!

    More staff in 2020

    All of our full time classroom teachers have "Release Days" for various purposes during the term. For example, every teacher receives two "Classroom Release Time" days each term and newly qualified teachers have additional days.

    We are very fortunate to have such outstanding teachers supporting our Learning Teams on these days. These teachers play a hugely important part in maintaining the consistency and quality of learning in class every day.

    Miss Kim Sowman will be part of our Rimu Learning Team

    Mrs Marina Collier will be part of our Totara Learning Team

    Mrs Flo Gibson Harris will be part of our Kowhai LearningTeam

    Mrs Carole Bridgeman will be part of of Kauri Learning Team

    We are delighted to have such a strong group of educators across all levels of our school


    Happy birthday to all those who have Birthdays coming up this week and over the holidays:

    • Summer Wilkinson
    • Marley Sutherland
    • Rayne Morehu
    • Blythe Fadlen
    • Mercedez Tagatauli
    • Sophie Morrison
    • Tyah Taiawa-McKay
    • Ari Marlow
    • Khorus himaera-Te Waaka
    • Emma Lepper
    • Elody Perrett
    • Kaydince Brill
    • Zac Lowry
    • Cora Wano
    • Taydon Puru
    • Rishaal Prasad
    • Kaitlyn Veza
    • Addison Leathley
    • Iona Den-McKay
    • Parleen Kaur
    • Meshach Murray
    • Charlotte Mangin
    • Lola Parkinson
    • Kyra Herewini
    • Chyra Roygard
    • Hoani Adams
    • Zakaia Martley
    • Texira Martley
    • Honor Boisen-Rau
    • Keanu Suthon
    • Parker Smith
    • Briar Walthew
    • Ayla Gadsby
    • Olly Takurua
    • Johnny Read
    • Kayden Burnard
    • Lajayshea Hori
    • Ava Falaniko
    • Te Waiaurere Mahinekura
    • Lydia Walthew
    • Toby Ryan
    • Amarni Cooper
    • Skylah Meston
    • Tyson Manu-Millar Aldworth
    • Isaac Wilson
    • Navanah Meston
    • Lucas Tudor
    • Zion Teddy

    See you Next Year

    On behalf of all at Puketapu School, we wish you a safe, fun and refreshing holiday break and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.