NoFear Coding: Calling K-5 Teachers

Embed Computational Thinking Across the Elem. Curriculum

Coding and computational thinking are among the skills that will serve students well in the future.

Coding goes beyond websites and software – it’s an essential component in finding solutions to everyday problems. Computational thinking has many applications beyond the computer lab or math class – it teaches reasoning, creativity and expression, and is an innovative way to demonstrate content knowledge and see mathematical processes in action. No-Fear Coding shows K-5 educators how to bring coding into their curriculum by embedding computational thinking skills into activities for every content area. At the same time, embedding these skills helps students prepare for coding in the middle grades as they build their knowledge.

Learn Coding alongside your colleagues in a fun, engaging way!

Within this 1.5 credit course, educators will collectively read the No Fear Coding Book (receive a complimentary copy upon enrollment) and attend four Face to Face (F2F) Hands-on Playgrounds (see below for dates). Each playground will include time and support to build the coding application into current content lessons.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Have confidence in their own introductory coding skills
  2. Experiment with classroom-tested lessons and activities designed for skills progression
  3. Take away ready-to-implement coding exercises that can be incorporated across the curriculum, (including FREE Book - No Fear Coding)
  4. Understand how to align lessons to ISTE and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards.
  5. Experience case studies and explorations of technology tools and resources to teach coding including Bee Bots, and Scratch

F2F #1: Computational Thinking in Elementary Grades

Course Dates: January 29- April 16

Face To Face Meetings @ Tozer Primary from 3:45-5:00pm

February 5

February 21

March 7

March 28

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