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Electromagnetic induction

“inducing a current by changing the magnetic field in a coil of wire.” The “current is caused to flow in the circuit to which the coil is attached. If the magnet is withdrawn, the direction of the current is reversed.”(Delpeirre, Sewell) By using the right hand rule you can figure out the direction of the motion, field, or current. This is used in motors when a magnet is run through a coil a current then when passed through the coil interacts with the magnetic field causing the coil to spin. In order to be used as a generator the spin the coil; when the coil is spun it creates a current.( Applications)
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James Maxwell

James clerk Maxwell was a physicist who’s research was focused on electrical and magnetic phenomena.

James Maxwell’s greatest contribution was the electromagnetic theory where he proved that electricity is related to magnetism. He did this by looking back on Michael Faraday’s experiment with iron fillings and magnets and doing an experiment where “he discovered that an electric current flowing in a wire caused "lines of force" to expand outward, inducing an electric flow in an intervening wire”( World of Scientific Discovery. GALE). Then recognizing the relationship between electricity and magnetism he used “a few simple equations” (World of Scientific Discovery. GALE) to prove his idea.

Through his initial discovery he found the speed of expansion to be almost the same as the speed of light, and through that determined that light was a form of electromagnetic radiation. He also recognized that because the velocity could be changed in to an infinite number of velocities there were an infinite number of corresponding types of electromagnetic radiation, so the visible spectrum is only a small portion of the possible types of electromagnetic radiation.

We are able to apply his work today through communications such as the radio and television.

Electrical Generator

Electrical Generators convert energy into other kinds of energy we can use by using mechanical energy as an electric force to push the electric charge through the generator and out. (how does a generator) If the generator turns the other way it becomes an electrical motor.
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Inventor: Aloisio Galvani From: Italy

Price: $1,053

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch system

This invention uses electromagnetism to do its job. The Aircraft is connected to a conductive projectile that is on two electrically charged rails. When the rails are switched on the currents caused by the electromagnets shoot the projectile connected to the Aircraft forward- launching the Aircraft without need of the engine. (Navy uses)
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Inventor: US NAVY From: United States

Price: $400,000

Electromagnetic induction heating grill toaster

the electromagnetic induction heating grill toaster uses electromagnetic induction to heat up the cooking components quickly and with less energy. (Ching,Tung, Lin, Ji) This therefore holds many advantages over regular toasters and grills in time and energy.

Inventors: Ching-Ching Ho, Shih-Wei Tung, Yi-Hao Lin, Jr-Ren Ji From: Taipei, TW

Price: $57

Electromagnetic clothing creater

First you take your box and use the electromagnetic pen to draw any outfit you can think of on the screen. The Box then displays a 3D hologram by amplifying the box's electric field, and searches for the best fabric to replicate what you've drawn. You can search for fabric manually if you so wish. You can also touch “EDIT” to edit the 3D hologram if it’s not quite what you wanted. When you are satisfied touch “DONE”. The box then creates your outfit using a series of generators. This only takes about 3-5 minutes as the magnetic field creates a magnetic force to screw up the atoms and molecules within the box. After everything on the atomic level has moved, you open the lid then voilà! You have your perfectly designed and tailored outfit just how you always wanted it.
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Inventor: Evanlin Opermen From: California, US

Price: $300

Electromagnetic induction switch

This can start and stop a currents flow allowing the user to turn something on and off. A "coil generates an alternating current due to relative motion between the coil and magnetic lines of the magnet" this allows for the operating of the "relay-switch to couple the working circuit with the battery when the magnet is moving in the coil"(Electromagnetic induction switch).

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Inventor: MING-CHIH HSIEH From: San Francisco Bay Area

Price: $70


Transformers change the voltage of electricity so that the electricity from one source can be used in many different places and ways. Transformers change the magnetic field in its electrical wires. When this change occurs the voltage also changes. (how does a transformer)
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Inventor: Ottó Bláthy From: Hungary

Price: $40

Loud Speaker

Loud speakers use a permanent magnet and an electromagnet. These two magnets constantly switch orientation pushing the voice coil back and forth.(Harris) This process creates the sound and amplifies it. With this we can listen to our music as loud as we want.
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Inventor: Johann Philipp Reis From: Germany

Price: $325


The "styluses use a diamond tip connected to an electromagnetic coil". when the stylus moves it causes a "fluctuation in the electromagnetic field that induces an electric charge in the coil". When this is intensified the electrical charge becomes a recording of sound. (Nicholson)

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Inventor: Thomas Edison From: Port Huron, Michigan, US

Price: $250

Induction cooktops

Coils under the surface of the cook top carry an alternating current making a changing magnetic field This field reacts with "iron-rich cookware" and the current is converted to heat within the "cookware".

This allows for quicker and more even cooking. (Gerbis)

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Inventor: General Motors From: United States

Price: $60

Metal Detectors: pulse induction detector.

Metal detectors create a pulse by cutting off an inductor. The pulse is then sent off to find metal like a radar. The metal detector then listens for the echos. (US army soldier) With this invention people are able to find many lost metal items.
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Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell From: Scotland, UK

Price: $36


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