I Survived

The Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79

By: Lauren Tarshis

The Beginning

Its starts in the middle when Marcus are trying to escape the mighty volcano, Vesuvius, then goes back to the day earlier, when Marcus is bringing a laundry basket to his master (Marcus is a slave), when there is a mighty quake, and that makes Marcus decide to help a beggar women up, and she says," Be careful, kind boy, I have seen the signs. Terrible doom is coming for the people of Pompeii. when hope is lost, follow the hand of Mercury". Then after that happens a parade starts, of people that will be fight each other to the death, with Cyclops (a very experienced fighter), other people, then, Marcus sees his dad, Tata, in the line! Marcus didn't want him to die, so he got robes out of the laundry basket and disguised himself, then he stole a basket full of pythons. Then he came up to the guards and his disguise was working, but then one of the guards spotted him and Marcus had to let the python out on him, and save Tata. They went to one of the riderless horses, got on it, and rode it out of the city of Pompeii, till they where in the bush up in Mount Vesuvius, there, Marcus named the horse Peg (short for Pegasus), after how fast she had run, then he fed her grapes. Then they lay down in the grass and went to sleep.

The Middle/End

Continuing On:

Marcus then had a weird dream, he was with Hercules trying to kill Hydra, but with one whiff of her breath can kill. Then while they were fighting he started to choke, dying because of Hydra breath, but then he was woken, and the reason he was coughing was because of sulfur gas, and they started talking about how they had seen no animals up the mountain, and then they found dead sheep. So, they started heading back down the mountain to warn the rest of the city that something bad was coming. Then, when they were down the mountain they tied Peg up to a tree, but so loose, if she needed to escape she could. Then, when they got there, the guards wouldn't allow them, and that was when Mount. Vesuvius started to erupt! So while every was panicking, Tata spoke up and said to evacuate the quickest you can, and that's when a boulder came down and killed the master. Then, when they were running away, Tata got hit in the head by a huge chunk of rock, but Marcus found out he was still breathing. Hours passed, but finally Tata opened his eyes, but said he was too weak, and that Marcus should escape alone. But then, Marcus remember what the old beggar woman said about when all hope was lost, so, Marcus told Tata all about it, and they went to the statue of Mercury. There they saw his right hand was pointing to the ground, and when they tried to lift it, they learned it was a trapdoor to escape tunnels. They went down, and starting heading to safety at Rome.

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