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This Week #ontheHil: We Don't Talk About Bruno

If your family has not found a little joy in Encanto, I hope you can soon. One of the best lessons from the movie came in the form of the song, We Don't Talk About Bruno. It turns out even though everyone tries so hard NOT to talk about Bruno, it's the one thing they really needed to talk about. I'm translating that as an analogy for the world. You would be surprised at the questions kids ask at school. This week I've been asked if masks are bad, if masks are good, if war is coming to Raleigh, if another Covid is coming, whether kids with masks can play with kids without, the list goes on, including how old I am, because I look like a vampire from a movie on Netflix 😆. Other than acknowledging that I need better makeup skills, I want to emphasize the importance of listening to our children.

On Monday, March 8, 2022, anyone who wants to wear a mask can wear one, and anyone who does not want to wear a mask, can do that too. As you know it's important to me that our children know that Hilburn is a safe space for everyone. We can believe what we choose, we can be who we are, we can think what we do, and we can still be respectful, caring, and considerate of those who feel, think, and believe something different. I know that our world does not always show that, but it's important to me that we model that for our children. I am from Raleigh, and way back then, treating people well was the norm. Here at Hilburn, that is my norm. Please talk with your children (and teens) about the importance of being respectful to self, but also to others. You are always your child's first teacher!

There are a ton of updates around mask-optional questions and resources, Covid reminders, and SO MUCH MORE! Be sure you read through this Wise Wing!!

Have a great week!

Covid Reminders

If a student has a symptom of Covid (fever, headache, stuffy nose, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing,) they must have a negative Covid test (rapid or pcr) before returning to school; or, a note from a doctor giving an alternative diagnosis; or, you can chose to stay home. If a student tests positive, they would stay home for 5 days. You can read about these details and much more on the When to Return Page linked below!

  • Parents do not receive emails related to classroom or school Covid cases at this time.
  • Parents may opt to check the WCPSS Covid Dashboard for updates.

**Staff is not able to disclose vaccination rates, vaccination data, or anything related to vaccinations of students or staff.

😷If you test positive for Covid, students stay home for 5 days and wear a mask for 10 days after the test date.

📞If you test positive for Covid, please contact our main office for help and information!

Mask Optional

The CDC and NCDHHS have updated guidance related to Covid-19. This is a welcomed step as we have navigated through many phases of the pandemic.
    • Masks are not required, and individual families are deciding on their own whether to continue masking or not.

    • If you need a mask, ask a staff member and they will be able to help you get one.

    • We are a school community and we both respect and support individual family and student decisions.

    • Per DHHS guidance:

      • Because masks can add a layer of protection for those who want it, we support students and staff who choose to wear a mask.

    • All of this is part of our work as a community in maintaining our learning environment (Our nest can lean on existing programs and initiatives such as Second Step, PBIS, etc. to support students during this time).

    • Teachers are not responsible for enforcing a family's preferences.
  • 💛 Many of you have asked about Social Stories related to masking options for younger students. Please see the link below for one option!
Masking Social Story Slides

Some students learn best through stories. You may find this social story helpful for conversations with your elementary Hawks.

Mask Optional Parent Questions

We've compiled some of the most common questions from our parents this week related to masks to share! This may help you if you have the same questions.


Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, March 8: Rising 6th Grade Orientation Night
  • Wednesday, March 9: Statewide Tornado/Severe Weather Drill
  • Friday, March 18: WCPSS Teacher Workday
  • Friday, March 25: Last Day of Quarter 3
  • Monday, March 28: WCPSS Teacher Workday
  • Friday, April 1: Report Card Day

Severe Weather Drills

All schools will recognize the statewide tornado drill on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. In an effort to minimize extreme proximity, students will quietly face the wall instead of crouching on the ground. Teachers will verbally explain to students what to do in the event of a tornado.

You can review the Safety Drill letters below.

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SSA Informational Session RSVP

Are you interested in learning more about Single Subject Acceleration? If so, sign-up to learn more!

SSA Page

Visit the Hilburn SSA Page!

Shout-out An Amazing Woman for Women's History Month

Help us celebrate the work of amazing women in our community all March long! Submit a shout out to an amazing woman you know or see!

Yearbook News

It's time to begin 21-22 Yearbook ordering!! Click the PDF below for details!

Virtual Academy Exits/Entry

We are not able to transfer Virtual Academy students to in-person, nor in-person students to Virtual Academy.

Nest News

Welcome to the Nest!

We are so excited to welcome Mrs. Wit to our Hilburn Academy nest! Mrs. Wit is joining our nest as a Math teacher in our upper school. Mrs. Wit joins our nest with amazing experience as a math teacher, interventionist, 504 lead, and outstanding educator. Mrs. Wit is already a #Hawksome parent, and we are thrilled to have her as a teacher. Mrs. Wit will begin supporting Math classes on Wednesday of this week!
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Counselor's Corner

  • Rising 9th grade recommendations were sent home on Thursday. Please review this document and reach out to the classroom teacher with any questions. Recommendations for Social Studies were made by Mr. Clark but were input by Mrs. Pendergraft so please reach out to Mr. Clark with any questions. This document does not need to be signed and returned to the school.
  • The recording of the rising 9th grade parent night will be uploaded to the Hilburn website soon. Please continue to check the website if you missed the presentation or would like to revisit certain parts.
  • 8th graders will receive their high school expectations and registration overview lesson next Wednesday, February 23rd during their Social Studies period. This lesson largely covers topics like GPA, scheduling, attendance, electives, and so on.
  • Leesville Road High School is starting a Game Design Academy in partnership with Epic Games next school year. Sound like something that your child might enjoy? Ms. Farina from LRHS will be visiting campus on Wednesday, March 2nd from 10:30 to 11:30 to introduce the program, its requirements, and answer any questions you may have! If interested, sign your child up for a slot today! The visit will take place in Ms. Bass' room during 3rd period.
    • *Students who attend will be expected to complete any missed assignments for their 3rd period class in a timely manner*
    • **Space is limited. Students already enrolled in Ms. Bass' 3rd period do not need to register. Sign up is currently only available for 8th grade students. Slots may become available to some 7th grade students at a later date*
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Back Pack Buddies

Here at Hilburn, we care about the well-being of our children in all aspects of life, including
their nutrition. One way that we do this is through the Backpack Buddies program, which we are
excited to provide for some of our students. Through the sponsorship of our PTA the program assists families who may need some extra support in supplying food and snacks for their children during the weekends.

Children participating in the program will receive a bag of food every Friday that will be placed in their backpacks in the Counseling and Student Services department. The bags will include non-perishable breakfast, lunch, and snack items to supplement what you already have in your home.

Complete the Back Pack Buddies Request Below

Only interested families need to complete this form! This form is sent to Mrs. Walker!

Support our Middle Hawks! Click The Picture Below!

Annual Women's History Month Art Contest

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P2 Week: Cheering Others On

Social intelligence refers to a person’s ability to understand and manage interpersonal relationships. It is distinct from a person’s IQ or “book smarts.” It includes an individual’s ability to understand, and act on, the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of other people. This type of intelligence can take place “in the moment” of face-to-face conversations but also appears during times of deliberate thinking. It involves emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Examples of social intelligence include knowing when to talk or listen, what to say, and what to do. Timing is a big part of social intelligence. For example, someone who is imperceptive may tell a funny joke – but at the wrong time, or not show enough interest when meeting someone new.

Hawk of the Week

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