September 11, 2015

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Week at a Glance

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ERPD on Wednesday, September 16, 2014

Appetizer Pot Luck

Please bring a generous-sized appetizer to share on ERPD. Paslay will provide wings, plates, utensils, nappkins, etc. Bring your own drink.

Please accept your email invitation to join my class in Canvas.

Canvas is a very powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that you will be hearing more about at a later time. I will be sending important communications through Canvas, so please join my class. Your classes have already been set up for you because of its' ability to communicate with Powerschool. Canvas fulfills all the promises that Pearson made about Open Class and does much more. Plus it gives you unlimited cloud storage for your files. Log into your IAM account and you will see the Canvas logo. Feel free to explore on your own, if you choose.

Updated Curriculum Guides - Everything but Art formatting has been corrected.

Viewing Data in Schoolnet-From Laura Elliot

Suggested Path to View Data in SchoolNet:

  • Select HB - IIS for SchoolNet
  • Select tab Classroom - Student Performance
  • Teacher will select the subject
  • Click on Tab for Benchmark Dashboard
  • Shows list of assessments under the teacher name
  • Click on the assessment
  • Now you see comparison of the teacher class vs school vs district
  • Click on Item Analysis
  • This report gives you a student list by item.

Another Report that is just a summary of the scores:

Click on the tab for Student List & the radio button for Benchmark Results

I hope this helps you and your teachers. We are finding that if the tab for Item Analysis is used first, not all data is showing because the correct criteria must be selected.

Laptop Security Change-From David Blattner

The change in security protocols that I had mentioned in previous emails was pushed out yesterday afternoon. We had to do this due to security holes that were being found. We had tested it on most programs, but there still may be some glitches. This only applies to student computers. If you find any glitches that we need to address, please let me or Caroline know and we will start making the necessary adjustments.

To reiterate, we are now going to a white list of programs that will be allowed to run on the computer. This means that if there any programs that are currently on the computer that are not on the white list then they will not be able to run.

ISS Weekly TV Show

  • Started our first recordings last week. Mr. Johnson invites you to come by and be a guest on our TV show. Mr. Johnson will be reaching out to you for interviews. These will be hour long segments; 4 15-minute installments.
  • Story ideas – please send those ideas to Susie Wiberg or Jada Jonas.

Nurse's Schedule

Mon/Tue/Fri: TES

Wed/Thur: TMS

ISS Help Desk-From S. Justice

The help desk # is 980-549-0549
You can use this for troubleshooting issues such as student pw changes. They can help reset pw for gmail, NCEDCLOUD, or logging in to Active Directory (Signing in on the computer). If you have students who are unable to login to any of these you can contact helpdesk and they can try to reset.


Grief/Hospice Group for Students-From Rife


If you are aware of students who are having grief and loss issues, please let Bustle or I know. Ms. Dorty for Hospice will begin her Rainbow Kids groups next week, so we want to make sure all students who need this get an opportunity to participate.

Crosby Scholars

This program/scholarship opportunity is pretty amazing. Share with 6th grade - 10th grade kids, teachers, counselors. DEADLINE to register is Oct. 1.

Professional Development Opportunities

Fall Teacher to Teacher Conference UNCC

The UNC Charlotte College of Education is pleased to present the Fall Teacher to Teacher Conference (T2T), October 13, 2015 (info flyer attached). This one day professional development conference is designed for P-12 educators to share their best classroom practices with one another. UNC Charlotte faculty will also present current trends in research-based field practices. In our first year, this conference was a big success with over 200 participants! We are excited to offer it again this fall. Please encourage your teachers to attend and present!

Presentation Topics include:

  • Engaging your hard-to-reach students

  • Differentiating for a variety of populations

  • How to be an effective Teacher-Leader

  • Becoming a cooperating mentor teacher for UNC Charlotte

  • Culturally responsive classrooms

  • And many more!

P-12 educators are encouraged to submit proposals to present! Come share your classroom/school successes with your colleagues!

For one day of REALLY FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, the cost is only $25 (includes lunch, parking, and registration fee. Teacher substitutes must be arranged with school administration.)

To submit a proposal or register for the conference, go to:

We look forward to seeing your teachers on October 13, 2015!

T2T Conference Flyer

Facilitated Online Courses for Fall

Facilitated Online Courses l FALL 2015

These FREE Online module courses will start Monday, September 7. Registration will open August 20, 2015. These courses are facilitated by the Educator Effectiveness staff.

Course name

1. Building and Sustaining Professional Development: 6 weeks, 1 CEU

2. Connecting with our 21st Century Learners: 5 weeks, 1 CEU

3. Digital Literacies in the K-12 Classroom: 6 weeks, 1.5 CEUs

4. Introduction to Data Literacy: 5 weeks, 1 CEU

5. Data Literacy in Action: 6 weeks, 1 CEU

6. Seize the Data: Empowering Teachers to Create and Use Assessment and Measurement: 14 weeks, 4 CEUs

7. North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process: 6 weeks, 2 CEUs

8. Responsibilities of the 21st-Century Educator: 7 weeks, 1 CEU

9. Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, Part 1: 5 weeks, .5 CEU

10. Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, Part 2:7 weeks, 1.5 CEUs

For a description of the courses and associated CEUs visit our website Participants are expected to meet all weekly deadlines in order to receive CEUs as partial credit will not be given.

Food For Thought

Productive Peristence

Carnegie on “Productive Persistence”-Check out what they found. Strategies like having a buddy student call an absent peer increased academic performance in math (relationships matter).