Andrew Jackson: The Choices He Made

How He Changed the U.S.

The National Bank

The National Bank was important in keeping the economy in balance. However, Jackson felt that the bank was unconstitutional and favored the wealthy. He closed the bank down and also vetoed a bill to establish a second National Bank. Most of the ordinary people hated the bank and were glad it was taken down, but the wealthy felt like it was eventually going to ruin the economy.

Jackson's Spoils System

Jackson added the Spoils System the the U.S., which allowed supporters of winning parties to get a job in the government. It was also a way to keep the people supporting the government. This allowed many people to feel like they were shaping the history of the government and their country. However, some people disliked the idea of having uneducated people being part of the government.

Worcester v. Georgia

When the Cherokee were forced out of their land by the Indian Removal Act signed by Jackson, the took the matter to court in Georgia. The court said that the Cherokee were a sovereign nation and declared that they could stay on their land. Jackson ignored the court's ruling, though, and forced them out anyway. This caused the Cherokee to have bad feelings towards Jackson, and were sent out on the Trail of Tears.
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Stopping the "Monster"

The picture above depicts Jackson trying to "beat" the monster that is the National Bank. It shows the rich as the heads of the hydra, and it looks like the hydra is pretty big. Jackson, along with a couple of soldiers, is trying to slay the beast, or in reality, trying to shut down the National Bank.

Comment #1

Now you see why our people hate this guy!!! He fully ignored the court and decided to get rid of us from "his" country. We had an assurance from the court that we would be able to keep our land and live on like we have. Jackson only cares about getting what he wants, and not what the other people want.

- Your Average Cherokee

Comment #2

Awesome! I thank Jackson for removing that pesky national bank. Whenever I looked at it when I came into town, I wanted to strangle all of the rich and wealthy surrounding me. But now, it's not there anymore, which means I finally feel like everyone is equal again. Once again, thank you President Jackson!

- Anonymous Plantation Owner