What you dont know can kill you.

Have you ever had that one friend (or family member) who drinks where you want to help them but think they can help themselves? Well did you ever think that thinking that way can kill them? It can. Many things happen to your body when you drink too much.
                                       Alcohol EffectsHeart EffectsCardiomyopathy – Stretching and drooping of heart muscleArrhythmias – Irregular heart beatStrokeHigh blood pressure  Liver EffectsSteatosis, or fatty liverAlcoholic hepatitisFibrosisCirrhosisCancersMouth CancerEsophagus CancerThroat CancerLiver CancerBreast CancerBrainSlows Communication PathwaysAffects the way the brain looks and worksChanges mood and behaviorHarder to think clearlyPancrease