CSA ~ July 1, 2021

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July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

August 5, 12, 19, 26

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July 8, 22

August 5, 19

September 2, 16

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We hope you enjoy this week's CSA items and are able to put some to use
as you celebrate Independence Day. All of us at Goodness Grows wish you
a happy, healthy, safe, and delicious 4th of July!

If you find you can't make it during normal pick up time, please let us know and we
can arrange a Friday visit. If you aren't feeling well, we can bring your share
out to your car. Just give us a call at 330-549-9408.

In This Week's Share

Swiss Chard


Sweet Onions




Blueberries (From Dillon Fruit Farm)

Number of crops ready and amount of harvest of a given crop will vary throughout the season. We will provide at least six items each week. If we have any crop issues, we will supplement with produce from other local farms. Some weeks will include value added items, such as Jungle Jam, Zucchini Bread, Fresh Basil Pesto, or even fruit we pick at "You-Pick" locations.

Tips & Recipes


Chamomile comes from the same family of plants that includes sunflowers, Echinacea, and marigold and is thought of as a relaxing herb. The leaves and flowers are both edible but they differ in taste, with the flowers having a subtle apple taste. Both can be tossed into a salad or a mug to make a fresh herbal tea. If you choose to dry the flowers, store them in a sealed glass jar for up to 6 months. After 6 months, the flavor is less intense but it is still useable.

Important: Use chamomile with care if allergic to ragweed, as it may trigger allergic reactions.


Its name derives from the Latin root “lavare,” which means “to wash.” It is recorded that lavender was even used in ancient Egypt, as part of the mummification process. Rest assured that we won't be sharing any mummy recipes here! People often think of lavender for its lovely scent and the aromatherapy oils that contain it, but it can also be used to make amazing ice cream, macarons, tea, and more...


Starting off with a blueberry riddle: What looks like half a blueberry? (Answer after the blueberry recipes.) There are so many incredible recipes for this versatile little fruit that it was hard to pick just a few! Of course we couldn't pass up the Overnight Oats, since they use both lavender and blueberries. Our GG crew took a field trip to Lisbon to pick these farm fresh blueberries for you and for jam making.

Blueberry riddle answer: The other half!

Gotta love fruit humor!

Swiss Chard

Surprisingly, Swiss chard didn't originate in Switzerland. Would you like to learn where it did come from? Then, check out this article to learn that and more interesting Swiss Chard Facts!

Turnip Tips

There's all sorts of great turnip facts in the article below. Maybe you found something fabulous last week to make with your turnips but there is always more to learn and try. Something else to think about - the fresh thyme and oregano in your share both pair well with roasted turnips!

Scenes From CSA Prep

Thinking about last week, how did your first CSA Day of 2021 go? Did you have success with a recipe or find an even better one of your own? Let us know your thoughts! We take praise and constructive criticism to heart as we strive to always better our program. Contact us by replying to these email updates or using jlynch02@gmail.com anytime. As always, thanks for your support of Goodness Grows!

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