Franklin D. Roosevelt

January 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945


-Franklin was born into a wealthy family.

-In the year 1900 he went to Harvard University.

-In 1910 he won a spot in the New York Senate.

-In 1920 he ran for president as a democrat and he lost by a landslide.

-In 1921 he was 39 and he got polio. His legs were paralyzed.

-Many people did not no about him paralyzed because he would never be seen in a wheelchair.

-In 1932 he was elected president.

("Franklin D. Roosevelt.")


The country was in the middle of the worst economic depression that it has ever been in. This made it very difficult for Roosevelt. Many people were out of jobs and they really neded someone to step up and lead them.

("American Experience")


The biggest challenge Roosevelt have to overcome was the economic depression. He tried to overcome this by creating The New Deal. This sounded good to the people, they were tired of living like they have been, in this depression. So many people went along with The New Deal.

In Europe there was war going on. Roosevelt said that it is not are war and we will stay out of it. Roosevelt was making war equipment behind the citizens because he knew that we were going to have to enter the war.

In 1941 the USA had entered WWII. In 1944 Roosevelt was in very bad health but he still ran for his 4th term because he thought he got them in the war he will get them out. Roosevelt said "You don't change horses in the middle of the strem." ("Franklin D. Roosevelt.")

After being elected for his 4th, term the war was coming to an end. Roosevelt died about 3 months after he started the 4th term. He served the president of the USA for the longest time in the history in the USA.

("Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal")


Roosevelt knew a lot about what you need to do in the government to get things turned around from very bad to in the right direction. He first started off having a seat in the Senate and then made his way up to becoming the president. He went through many challenged like getting his legs paralyzed by polio and he pushed his way through it and tried to not let anyone no that he couldn't walk. He also entered the government when the USA was in the bigest economic depression in history. Also they entered WWII when he was president. He had to deal through many things and made choices to get the country going in the right direction.

("Franklin Delano Roosevelt")

I believe that Roosevelt was a very good president for the USA. He had to think and deal with many struggles in his life and he made the best decisions that he could in the hard time to do what is best for the country. You never know where we would be today if we didn't have Roosevelt to lead the USA through the hard times.


There are many things that Roosevelt had to go through in his life and he made a difference in many peoples lives. I have learned many lessons from this project. The first thing that I learned is to be a president you have to work on a topic until you are finished with it. This is very important and applies to my life in sports how you can never quit before you get the job that you need to done. Another thing that I learned is that you have to be able to pursued people. This helps you by getting people on your side and you need people to be on your side if you want to get a lot accomplished. One final thing that I learned from this project is that you have to be able to think of an idea and go with it. If you let to many people give their input in an idea then you will have a lot of ideas to deal with and it could be hard. This is very helpful in life when you need to make a fast decision.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a very good president and he could be considered a role model because he gave it his all when trying to turn the country around and get it heading in the right direction.


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