Sports Betting Calculators

The Calculator

Calculator for parlays

The expected payment from a parlay bet can be determined using a parlay calculator based on the staked amount and the odds for each leg in any format (American, Fractional, or Decimal).

It will display your predicted profit ("To Win") and payout ("To Pay") when you have entered your wager amount and the odds.

Bet Calculator for Free

The Free Bet Calculator demonstrates how much you should wager on the opposite side of your free play to increase your assured profit. You can also view your potential profit if you opt to bet a different amount than what we advise or how much you would benefit regardless of the outcome of the event. 카지노사이트킹

Gambling Odds Calculator

You can enter your odds in one format (American, Fractional, or Decimal), and the odds converter will display your odds in the other formats as well as the implied likelihood of winning.

Calculator for Hedging & Arbitrage Betting

Based on the chances of your first bet, the amount you bet, and the current odds on the other side, our hedge and arbitrage betting calculator can offer you the appropriate hedge bet amount and assured profit.

Probability Calculator with Odds

Use the odds to probability calculator to translate your betting odds into implied probabilities and determine your likelihood of winning. You may find out more mathematic information regarding determining implied probability from odds.

Odds calculator for betting

The predicted payoff depending on your bet size and odds, as well as your odds in various formats and estimated likelihood of winning, may all be determined using a betting odds calculator.