Chapter 6 Integration

Chris McGrath

Putting it all together

This chapter discusses several different innovative schools that are now integrating technology into their schools. He places these campuses on a continum from the traditonal school to the virtual school. The first school he examines was the School of One Rocketship where students are online for about a quarter of the day. The second campus was AdvancePath Kunkappskolan where they are fully online, but students still go to school for on-site support. On the far right of the scale was the K12 charter school, where they are 100% digital. The author sees a future where the majority of our students are going to be enrolled in campuses where the majority of their learning will occur online or some type of blending learning in the next five to ten years. He beleives the schools will be more adaptable, connected, and flexible to meet the varied learning of the students.