You're not the only one.

Edgar Sosa Batista

1.What years were you in middle school.

In 7 grade 1989-1990.

In 8 grade 1990-1991.

2.What kinds of music movies and fashion were populars all the time.

music: Talio Jaramillo (Romatc)
movie: green street hooligans cantinfla.

3.what were your favorite activities in middle school. what were your hobbies and interests.

ball sport and crafts
be the number on class, always the president or leader of the class.

4.What jod/interests/activities do you have now. Is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today.

Now I'm not working for me pregnamy but I woud like to work in my area.

5.what was the best part about baing in middle school.

In my country working with accounting is not worth my profession ....

6.what was the worst part.?

Having my first son alone without any family close.

7.How would you describe your middle school.? Example: shy,funny.

Funny cried the day I could not go .

8.what advice about growing up give to kids my age.?

That first and foremost is education hense the fucture of tomorrou is built

9.what did like most about school.? And 10. what was your favorite subject.?

9.Going early to school to rise the flag.

10. My favorite subject was mathematics .

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