Woodland School Newsletter

May Edition


8th Grade VS. Faculty Dodge Ball

On Friday May 6th the 8th graders faced off against the Faculty in our annual Dodge Hunger Dodge Ball game. In order to participate students had to donate two non-perishable food drive items. Over 100 food drive items were collected and donated to the Barrington ABLE group. The dodge ball game was exciting, and the faculty took the win during the final minutes of the game!

5th Grade Science

Mrs. Ferrante and Mrs. Kondrla's class are learning about the plant life cycle in science class. After learning about the life plant life cycle the class participated in a hands on lab. The class planted tomato, summer squash, and cucumber seeds. The cups will be transferred into the Woodland Greenhouse and also the raised beds.

Mr. Nelson Thompson

On May 3, 2016, Mr. Nelson Thompson, our head custodian, spoke to Mrs. Yellin's 5th grade class about his life growing up in South Carolina. He also explained that he and one of his brothers moved to NY to seek work and a better life. Mr. Thompson spoke about his parents as sharecropper and how proud he was to learn and how much he loved school!

Ms. Petitt's 6th Grade Science Class

Jack Carr, from the Adventure Aquarium brought a few animals into Mrs.
Petitt's 6th grade Science class.

STEAM Opportunities for Students

Engineering For Kids® brings the wonder and excitement of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to children ages 4-14 through a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Please click the link below for more information.



5th Grade Computer Class

On May 31, 2016 Mrs. Viguers class skyped with another class in Chile. During Ms. Lamon's computer class we spoke to Mrs. Alvayay's third grade class and figured out that they lived in Santiago. We had a great time!

Spring Arts Showcase

On Wednesday, May 25, the Arts were the main event at Woodland School. Woodland student art was displayed throughout the building for spectators to enjoy. Some art styles featured were graffiti art, Day of the Dead masks, message art, and more. Following the Art Show was the Spring Concert. The band clubs started the performance off with a range of pieces from marches to film music. The choir clubs followed by performing musical favorites along with folk/rock classics. The evening ended with the pop hit “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.

April Students of the Month

April nominated students of the month participated in the principal's luncheon. Mr. Silvestri provided lunch and had the opportunity to talk and get to know April Students of the Month.

5th Grade: Teigan Bradley, Jeremiah Kelley, Dominic Scheets, & Adam Stevens

6th Grade: Richard Bergeron & Kayla Stuart

7th Grade: Leah Gibson & Dylan Sykes

8th Grade: Devin Robenolt & Kaie Scarpato

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Notes from the School Nurse

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America:

Asthma Action Plans have information and instructions on how to manage your child’s asthma, including an emergency plan. If your child does not have an Asthma Action Plan or if you plan to have it updated over the summer, download and print this form.


Have your doctor complete it and then return it to the school nurse.

Have concerns? Note when your child uses his/her rescue inhaler and call your provider if he/she does any of the following:

*Does he/she take his/her quick relief inhaler more than 2 times a week?

*Does he/she awaken at night with asthma more than 2 times per month?

*Does he/she refill his/her quick relief inhaler more than two times a year?

The most common allergy symptoms can simply make you uncomfortable. Most people

associate allergy symptoms with watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, a rash or hives, but many experience headaches or sore throats as well.

The best prevention for any allergy is avoidance of allergens. Over-the- counter antihistamines and nasal sprays are often effective at relieving and sometimes preventing symptoms. These medications can be taken at home before or after school for better comfort during school hours. Always consult with your family doctor when deciding the best treatment.

Other more serious symptoms, like trouble breathing and swelling in your mouth or throat, may be a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. If your child has a known food or bee/wasp sting allergy, it is important to prepare and have an allergy action plan. Below is a link to a sample food allergy and anaphylaxis emergency care plan http://www.foodallergy.org/file/emergency-care-plan.pdf

Key points from the CDC’s “Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in School and Early Care and Education Programs”:

*Children with food allergies and their parents have first hand experience with allergic

reactions and are most familiar with a child’s unique signs and symptoms. Parents should give the school documentation that supports a doctor’s diagnosis of food allergy, as well as information about prior history and current risk of anaphylaxis.

*Some students, especially adolescents, can take responsibility for managing their own food allergies, including carrying and using epinephrine when needed. When medication is required by students who have chronic health conditions, especially when medication

may be lifesaving, it is best practice to encourage and assist students to become

educated and competent in their own care.

*Use appropriate hand-washing procedures that emphasize the use of soap and water.

Hand sanitizers are not effective in removing food allergens.

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

The federal summer meals program provides a solution to summertime hunger for kids.

But last year, just 19 percent of eligible NJ kids received these meals.

Click here for more information:


Barnes & Noble Night

The Barrington School District will host its 2nd Annual Barnes and Noble Night on Thursday, June 9th from 6-8pm at the Deptford Barnes and Noble. This event will feature artwork, student presentations, and much more! A portion of all sales will be donated back to the school district! More information will be sent home as we approach the date. Mark it in your calendar!!!

Interested in Playing Field Hockey?

Are you a field hockey player or interested in becoming one? Check out the website for registration and more information! You can also either stop by the nurse’s office or send an email to pbygott@barringtonschools.net for details regarding the Haddon Heights Field Hockey Club’s summer camp and upcoming fall season.


8th Grade Dance

Saturday, June 4th, 7pm

109 Shreve Avenue

Barrington, NJ

8th Grade parents please mark your calendars for the big 8th Grade Dance. It's "Dressed to Impress", so plan accordingly.

Save the Date...

June 1st: WPTG Meeting 7:00pm (Avon Media Center)

June 1st: Green Team, Student Council, NJHS, Peer Mediators Field Trip (FunPlex)

June 3rd: 5th Grade Field Trip (Franklin Institute)

June 3rd: 6th & 7th Grade Dance (Auditorium)

June 4th: 8th Grade Dance 7:00-9:00pm (VFW)

June 7th: 5th Grade - D.A.R.E. Graduation

June 9th: Field Day

June 9th: Barnes & Noble Night 6:00-8:00pm

June 10th: "The Outsiders" Play 7:30-9:00pm (Auditorium)

June 11th: "The Outsiders" Play 7:30-9:00pm (Auditorium)

June 13th: BOE Meeting 7:00pm (Avon Media Center)

June 14th: 12:35pm Dismissal for Students

June 14th: 8th Grade Picnic 11:30-1:30pm

June 15th: 12:35pm Dismissal for Students

June 16th: Last Day of School for Students

June 16th: School Awards Ceremony 9:30am

June 16th: 12:35pm Dismissal for Students

June 16th: Final Report Cards Posted Online

June 16th: 8th Grade Graduation