Ancient china

The wall or not to wall

The building of the wall

The Han court, the zhau dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, and the Ming dynasty. All played an important role in the contribution of the building of the Great Wall of china. including the ancient emperor, Quin ( chin) he ordered the building of roads and canals and he also started the building of the Great Wall. In order to consolidate the frontier the Han court built larger walls. The Zhou dynasty built sections of the wall in smaller portions than the Han Dynasty. The Ming dynasty was the high point in wall building history

Wall building time period

The great walls of China had evidence for us to believe, that most of the wall was was built in the Ming dynasty. The building of it took approximately 2000 years.there was many dynasty's that took part in the building and each one had to take place in different periods of time.

How the Great Wall of China was built.

The Great Wall was built in a series of sections,each one was built by different dynasty's.