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Dalya Abubaker

smart goals Academic


I want to get an 80% average my grade 12 report card. To get to the university I want I have to do great on my report card. I want to do good on my report card because I want to feel that before I leave high school I want to at least achieve one of my goals before I leave I want to feel that I accomplished something when I graduate so getting an 80% or higher for my average is the best way to do it


I want to get a level 3 or higher on all the project and test and work I do in all my classes that I have for each semester. I will also study hard for the test I will have and try study methods to make sure that I will not forget it. I will also finish my homework without getting distracted or going o my phone when I'm doing homework or when I'm in class I will pay attention.


First I will do my homework on time and manage my time wisely and not to get distracted by my phone or anything just focus on my homework this will help me to do my work faster and help me with other stuff like projects and studying for tests. When I can do that I will try and not do any projects last minute and manage my time and start when the teachers give it to me. when I have a test I will study for 2 hours every night till the test day is here.


I can achieve this goal by doing all the stuff that I said and I am very sure that I will do get an 80% or higher average on my grade 12 report card. I think this goal is important because if I do everything I say and I will get used to it then I will be doing this for everything like when I graduate high school and go to university I can use the same actions that I used in high school and it will help me get to the university I want to because my grades were good and that what university's look for.


I want to achieve this goal by grade 12 and before I graduate and before I leave high school. some littles goals that can help me achieve this big goal is to try doing the actions now so I doesn't have to be all new to me when I get to grade 12. I can try a little in grade 10 and grade 11 so I don't struggle on doing it in grade 12. Right now I can start by focusing on my homework.

Smart Goals volunteering


I want to join team crew and EAC before I graduate. I want to do this because I want to be apart of something at this school and organize games and help out with the games that go on in my school. So before my grade 12 graduation high school I want to join the EAC or be in team crew.


I want to start by doing this by grade 11 because when I do it in grade 12 I wouldn't be doing this for the first time in my life I want to know what I'm doing and not be lost or confused when someone ask me something or to get them something. so I will start this now and I will keep doing it every year until I'm done school.


First I will join team crew and do some work there and learn how to do things there and get used to doing everything. After I will join EAC and help there with sporting and organizing all the games and see how they do things over there and also try to stay focus on my work as well and balance my time as well.


It is realistic because I was already in it so I will sign up again for team crew and try to get on EAC and help out there. This is important to me because I want to do something before I graduate high school and get involved with my school and help out with the sports events that happen at the school. I want get involved something before I graduate or there is no point of going to school.


I want to achieve this goal by grade 12 before I graduate high school. Some littles goals I can do to help me achieve this big goal is I will join team crew and help out there a little when I'm in grade 10 and 11 because it will help me know what I'm doing and get a head start on it and learn how to do the work so when I'm in grade 12 I will be helping other people and doing all the stuff and show how to do it to the new people.

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my resume

Dalya Abubaker

Address 33 Swales crescent Brampton, ON L6R0H7

Telephone 647-447-7269




I'm Dalya Abubaker and I find myself as an outgoing kid of girl who always want to learn new things. I want to become a pharmacist in the future. I am very organized and I have good problem solving skills I'm also a very good listener. I have volunteer experience being a pharmacist because I was an assistance for a 2 years. I have a lot of experience in what I want to due in the future.


York University


York , Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Louis Arbour Secondary School


Brampton, ON

September 2015 - June 2018

Work Experience

Shoppers Drug Mart

Pharmacist assistance

Brampton, ON

May 2014 - June 2016

  • employee of the month

Shoppers Drug Mart

part time pharmacist

Toronto ON

May 2015-June 2018

  • employee of the year


Team crew

September 2015 - April 2016

Volunteer Experience

Lousie Arbour Secondary School

Team crew

Brampton , Ontario

September 2015 - April 2016


Campaign office

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - November 2014

Skills and Abilities

· Ability to manage and organize information

· Ability to manage and organize information

· Computer skills (list specific programs if you have experience)

· Ability to problem solve

· Listening skills

· Strong work ethic

· Listening skills

· Positive attitude and behaviour

· Ability to manage and organize information

· Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments

· Teamwork

· Language Skills (mention if you can speak different languages)

· Sense of responsibility

· Willingness to keep learning

· Decision making skills


CO-OP completion

September 2012


CPR certification level C

March 2015

Hobbies and Interests

· Some hobbies I like to do is read on my spare time be around friends. I also like to play sports and that means I have great teamwork and able to work with other people


Muna , Pharmacist , Pharma plus , 647-939-4417,

Jonelle St. Aybun , Team crew, Louise Arbour secondary school , 905-793-4551,

culminating part 4

As a pharmacist we face many challenges that we need to overcome. Some of the challenges that pharmacist face are sometimes hard to overcome but we have to try and work it out. One of the challenges that pharmacist face is No matter what field of pharmacy you go into, at some point, you will have to directly interact with patients. However working with patients is what pharmacy is all about. Some patient can be very rude and will be very stubborn to deal with. I can overcome this by being patient with the patients and listening to them and helping them in the best way I can. When the patients are rude to me I can’t get mad at them and yell at them I have to be calm and understanding and help them communicate with them so they don’t get upset with me. I would have to work on my communication skills and my listening skills. I would also have to be and act professional and not get mad when the patients when they are yelling at me.

Another challenge that pharmacist face is that we can’t make a mistake with the medication. If you accidentally administer the wrong dosage or even the wrong drug to a patient, there could be serious repercussion including big fines or even time in prison. In retail pharmacies, it can get difficult to counsel and advise each patient when it gets busy. When you can’t sit down and talk to each patient, there’s an increased chance that they might misuse the drugs. Don’t overlook the liability issues of the healthcare industry. I can overcome his by paying attention to what I’m doing. I will also try to take my time and to pay close attention and read and to double check that I'm doing it correctly because of you are a pharmacist you can’t afford to make a mistake because this is someone's life and if you mess up their prescription then you can get sued or go to jail. So I will try not to make this mistake.