December Days

2 more weeks!!

NWEA Reminders

- NWEA will be taken during computer class.

- Teachers will stay in the computer room to help assist, during the whole test. (plan accordingly)

- Bring your laptop so you can manage your classes testing

- No games are to be played after testing, only reading or working independently.

- Only 1st and 2nd grade will take the NWEA, during 2nd qtr.

- Reading will be the 1st test taken.

- Math will be taken if they have time the next week. If they don't get to math, they will take it when they return from break. (only one test per class period)

*Students that see Mrs. Wetzel will be testing with her. Please do not allow them to test.

*The main goal is to have all of 1st and 2nd grade tested in Reading before winter break.*


- go over testing procedures (raise your hand if you have a question and when finished)

- reading/working ALONE when finished

- try your very best

- sing some kind of "pump up" song!

1st and 2nd grade students will be taking the Primary Reading NWEA test during computer class. Please make sure students have a book or work to do ON THEIR OWN, when finished.

Animated Alphabet

Come by my office to checkout individualized Animated Alphabet sheets for your students and a poster size Animated Alphabet to hang in your classroom!

3rd grade is going on a field trip to The Nutcracker Friday. They will be gone from 9:00am-1:00pm


This week, we are going to focus on the word QUESTIONS. Questions are just another way to teach our students to be empowering, through GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Waiting for students to move from an emotional state to logical models respect. Our building respects you enough to support through emotion until you can allow us to help you to problem-solve. When we tell students what they've done instead of asking questions, we deny students the ability to self reflect and feel the accomplishment of growth. By asking questions, we challenge students to be problem-solvers and feel proud of their ability to know everyone makes mistakes and they have the ability to fix things.

Try to ask some of these:

"On a scale of 1-5 (1=Calm / 5=Furious), where are you?"

"Are you ready to talk about what happened?"

"What will it look and sound like to talk?"

"Are you ready to talk without using other people's names or blaming?"

Upcoming Events

12/4: The Science of Sound (Time: TBD)

12/7-18: NWEA

12/11: The Nutcracker (3rd grade)

12/16: Staff Holiday Dinner

12/18: 2nd Qtr. ends (last day)


Bathroom Breaks

That's all they are. Have a student bring a book, flashcards, etc. while they are waiting. These should not take longer than 10 minutes (at most). Stand there and remind students: 1. use the bathroom, 2. wash your hands, 3. get out.

Computer Lab

It is your responsibility to make sure the lab is back in order before leaving the room. Do not remove any headphones or mice.

November Teacher of the Month

I am pleased to announce our November Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Lizette Gilmore! Peers nominated Mrs. Gilmore for her great leadership skills and her positive attitude towards her students and colleagues. Congratulations Mrs. Gilmore!! Enjoy your parking spot, starting tomorrow!

December Character Trait

This month our school character trait is Responsibility. "I am responsible for my own actions." (check out the links below)

If you see a student taking responsibility over their own actions, please be sure to give that student a character card.



Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 6pm

This is an online event.

This webinar will focus on the assessment tools that are included in Making Meaning, Third Edition. We will take a closer look at the assessments, and discuss how they can be used to support instructional decisions. Be sure to have your Teacher’s Manuals andyour Assessment Resource Book to refer to during the session.