Teens Avoiding Predators Online

How Teens Avoiding Predators Online

Predators can reach you anywhere anytime, predators love to get online and play tricks on people. they get on chats and may get your Email and send you bad pics of them. They will try to ask you for your phone number. You need to stay safe online stay on private chats with people you know only or family. If a predator does send you an email and you do not know the email address then trash or ignore it.

If you are chatting a predator and he sends you a picture of himself doing something and he ask you if he could see you in a pic you should go tell you guardian or leave the chat website. If you like online chats stay safe and only use single player games to avoid these predator. Predators will do anything to get you on his side. Like gifts, such as new clothes, itunes card, or a skateboard. If you take the gifts he will know that you are on his side and he will then get personal. He will be like a wedge in your family.

Don’t be afraid to tell your parents that there is a predator troubling you. Tell police, mom, dad, or any other guardian. If you love to chat friends and family make sure to keep private stuff to yourself. Like your birthday, phone number, and social security. You also don’t want to share your address with the strangers online. Police do a Sting Operation they act like the teens that have been targeted and set up a place to meet the stranger and arrests them.