The Eagle Express

Wilmer-Hutchins High School [Week of 9/28 - 10/2]

Principal's Message

This 6-weeks has been like a roller coaster ride! The initial excitement of getting in line for the ride was the PD week back in August. Getting on the ride was the 1st week of school with the students. The part of the ride where you creep up the 1st incline with the clanking of the chains in your ears and you look down to see the people and the cars below, that was weeks 2, 3, and 4 for me. Going down that first drop screaming and yelling to stop the ride, that was me last week (literally :-)). So far, this week, is the part of the ride that is not as intense as the 1st drop, but I'm excited about what is yet to come!

Always HUTCH Proud!



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Spot Observations

This week the admin team will ramp up on our observation and coaching sessions. Please be sure to refer to the Proficient level on the TEI rubric when planning, delivering instruction & student engagement.

Eagle of the Week

Ms. Polk is the Eagle of the Week! She was nominated by Ms. Harmon because "she takes initiative and she is accurate and efficient. She never has a negative attitude and she is one of the best team players we have at the school. Ms. Polk helps everyone and with a smile. She is also a very hard worker. She is a very valuable member to the Hutch family."

Congratulations Ms. Polk! She received $25 cash!

If you'd like to nominate an Eagle for next week, click here.


Thank you to all of those who pay $2 on Mondays to contribute to the hospitality committee. The goal is for everyone to pay the yearly fee of $40. This donation goes towards showing tokens of support via cards, flowers, etc.,. to Hutch members during illness, grief, etc.,. It also goes towards our holiday fun times and yearly events.

**Eagle Essentials** -

School-Wide Initiatives:

When students enter the building, we check for dress code and IDs. As the students proceed to classrooms, we see teachers letting students in after the tardy bell without a pass, no IDs, and/or violating the dress code. We MUST tighten up now or it'll be hard for everyone later. We all must do our part!

Submitting Student Attendance

We have quite a few teachers who have not submitted student attendance in GradeSpeed over the past 5 weeks of school. Submitting accurate student attendance is a federal law and failure to do so can result in disciplinary action at the campus, district, state, and federal level. If you have not submitted attendance for 1 or more days, please see Ms. Olvera in the attendance office for the next steps. All unsubmitted attendance must be submitted by Friday, October 2nd at 4:30PM.

Duty This Week:Team 6! Please see Mr. Williams for your duty post. Names are posted by biometric clock.

Sept 28th-Oct 2nd

28th: Monday

**SLO & PDP Deadline**

29th: Tuesday

ACT testing for Seniors

District 5 Student Meeting @ 4:30PM

District 5 Parent Meeting @ 6:00PM

VB vs Carter - Hutch @ 6PM

30th: Wednesday

Common Assessment Schedule

Apply Texas Sessions via Senior English Classes

1st: Thursday

Common Assessment Schedule

PALS- SMU fieldtrip to hear Condoleezza Rice

2nd: Friday

End of the 6-Weeks

VB vs Pinkston - Hutch @ 6PM

Football - No Game

3rd: Saturday

Building Open from 8-1PM

CC Meet - Norbuck Park @ 8AM


5th: Monday

H-E-B sponsoring Free Lunch provided by culinary students. News media may attend.

Our High Priority Goals