By: Zayna Almashouti


In the Early 1960's Phil Knight was assigned a paper ''How to create a new company''. After researching the industry Knight had the idea to really start is own company by buying low cost athletic shoes from Japan and selling them in America. This would become Nike.

Nike was created in Oregon in the 1960's. It was created because the company wanted to make comfortable shoes mainly for track.


1963 Phil Knight traveled to Japan, he ordered a bunch of shoes that were soon to be called Nike. By 1964, Knight sold 8,000 shoes and placed an order for more! Right now the company is extremely successful. By the end of 1997 the company sold more than 9 billion shoes,cloths, and equipment!
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Society/Popular culture

Nike has a major effect in society/popular culture. Nike was the first sports and fitness company to earn more than 3 billion in a year!

Who started Nike and why?

Phil Knight was the man who started Nike, he is extremely rich.

Knight started Nike because he wanted to create comfortable low cost shoes mainly for running

The Nike Story


Nike's best seller is Air Jordan, in 2013 Michael Jordan made $9 million.

This was the most important product sold because Nike made a lot of money too.

Micheal Jordan led the USA to a gold medal in 1984 summer Olympics. His marketability was higher than ever before, that's when Nike wanted to find the most profitable way to market Jordan. And they did.

The End

And that is Nikes story!