Jefferson Jabber

September Newsletter

Classes Engaged

Jefferson classes are busy learning our newest letter, color, shape and character word of the week. Students are doing a great job of transitioning throughout the day's activities. We are excited for our upcoming events for the rest of September, including Open House and Parent Support Group meeting. During your parent/teacher conferences the teacher will be discussing the assessment your child was given this 9 weeks. The goal of this assessment is to watch student growth throughout this school year. The assessment will be given several more times through the school year to compare the development of skill levels. This data will also assist the teacher in sending home activities that will improve skills that your child isn'y quite as strong in, as well as continuing the development of their strengths. Teachers would also like to encourage you to read to your child as much as possible and even let your child "read" to you. They can use the pictures to tell you a story.
JECC also wants to give a big thank you to all the volunteers who were able to come to the Free Fair. The first field trip was definetely a big success! Thank you to the Grandparents for coming to our breakfast this week. We had over 150 grandparents come and enjoy biscuits and gravy. We LOVE our JECC families!

Teacher Spotlight

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Debra Ardese

Ms. Ardese as been a teacher at McAlester Public Schools for 26 years, with 5 of the years at Washington and 21 years at Jefferson. She drives 84 miles a day to make it to work! She has always liked working with kids and especially children around the age of 4 or 5 and this helped her make her decision to attend EOSC and SOSU and get her degree in 1986.

When not teaching Ms. Ardese fills her time following all her nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews in their sport travels while also babysitting and spending time with them. Ms. Ardese is also an active member of the Sulphur Springs Baptist church where she has taught Sunday School (Pre-K/Kindergarten) for 30 years. In all of her spare time she likes to read and work in her garden.

Thank you Ms. Ardese for your hard work and love of children!