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October 25, 2018

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From Tim: Two Quintessential Stanley Events

Dear Families,

After the drastic weather changes earlier this month, it’s been awful nice to enjoy some seasonal fall weather the past week or so. The turning and dropping of the leaves marks the beginning of a series of Stanley traditions running through the holidays.

We have a couple of quintessential Stanley events coming up soon, one featuring the playfulness of our children and the other providing a chance for our adults to take the stage. Like many of our long-standing traditions, the annual Halloween Parade and the Stanley Coffeehouse bring the community together to celebrate creativity, joyfulness, self-expression, and the unique spirit that defines our school.

This year’s Stanley Coffeehouse, this Saturday, October 27, is brought to you by a group of energetic and dedicated volunteer parents, supported by our Community Engagement team. For those new to the event, the Coffeehouse has been described in many ways, including “Best Date Night of the Year.” If you’ve attended before, you can attest to the quality of talent, or at least the enthusiasm, of our performers, drawn from our own staff and parent community. We still have tickets available, and I hope you will consider coming -- you won’t be disappointed!

The morning of Wednesday, October 31, you are invited to our Halloween Parade-Pageant-Assembly-Show in the gym, beginning at 8:30 a.m. This tradition is one of the many truly student-centered events throughout the year. We strive each year to make the event enjoyable and safe for all, and we ask that you help us by reviewing costume choices with your child or children. Please be aware that certain costumes can be culturally insensitive or stereotyping and may be offensive to particular groups or individuals within our school community. While we certainly do not want to dampen the creativity nor the slight irreverence of the event, we also have no intention of causing anyone to feel alienated. Also, older students planning scary costumes are reminded that our younger children can be easily frightened by masks and excessive gore.

All the best,


Top Five Things

1. Reaching all learners

The Learning Resource team at Stanley roots itself in a strengths-based, whole-child philosophy that all children have gifts and different ways of learning. Our teachers use a Universal Design for Learning approach to best support a child’s learning in all domains.

2. We are here!

The intersection of 3rd Avenue and Quebec Court (between our lot and the Town Center's) can be dicey traffic-wise. Please proceed slowly while you're there, watch for pedestrians, and reserve parking along 3rd for only those times when our lot, the town center and the lane along 5th Avenue are full.

3. Extended Day wants your boxtops

Barbara and our Extended Day team welcome your BoxTops for Education coupons -- it's easy to support our after-school program, just clip and drop them in the box in Hambidge Commons vestibule.

4. The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Stanley's Learning Resource Affinity Group exclusively for parents meets Tuesday evening, November 6, for a movie screening, light refreshments and to connect with other parents in a group discussion about the film.

5. Multicultural Feast and Cleo Parker Robinson dance Nov 10

Hosted by our Parent Multicultural Affairs Committee, this event gathers everyone in the Stanley community to share food and traditions together. This year we welcome members of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Youth Ensemble for a holiday-themed performance!
Last days for early-bird tickets to Coffeehouse Oct 27

Tickets $30 in advance or $35 at the door

Register special people for Grand People Day Nov 16

Your student's loved ones (a.k.a. Grand People) are invited! Join us for student performances, followed by a breakfast for Grand People in the Ballroom (refreshments for parents in the Community Space), and classroom visits.