O'Lori's Outlook

Market trends for May

On the Rise Again

Once again, plentiful land makes Texas the place to be if you are interested in new construction. The supply of Texas' housing is more flexible than the nations as well as California's and New York's. Currently the state's housing supply is in the growing phase of the construction cycle that began after the great recession of 2007-2009.

source: Realty Times

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A Sellers Guide to a winning OPEN HOUSE!

Declutter! Go through the house and remove all personal mementos and knick knacks.

Depersonalize: Remove all and any personal photos and information. Make it look like a model home.

Lure them in! Create an entry way that welcomes and invites others to come in and checkout the rest of your place! Well lit, smells good Clean?

Complete your Honey Do List! Weed flower beds, replace burnt out light bulbs, paint chips or marks on the walls. Clean and repair items in each room that need attention.

Be Cautious. Once your are ready for the public to enter your home, take precautions. Lock away all valuables and personal information that might tempt a weaker soul to sin!