Culture of Angola

The People

Portuguese is the official language in Angola. Most Angolans are Christians. Most people in Angola are friendly and like to dance, celebrate, and sing. Mostly Western clothing is worn. People usually dress up to do everyday things. In some places, like Mumulias, traditional clothing is typically worn


The some most popular sports in Angola are soccer, basketball, and handball. A ball made of tightly- bound rags is what children use when they play soccer or any other games. Boys make toy cars out of tin cans and pieces of scrap medal. The nation enjoys rich music which first came from Brazil, Cuba, and Cape Verda. Some of the main holidays are New Year's Day, Martyrs of the Colonial Repression Day, Independance Day, and Christmas.

Life Styles

When you want to show someone you want to talk to them you hold your palm out flat and with the other index finger you point into the palm. Rural family members usually visit unnannounced, where as urban family members usually call ahead. The host will do anything to make the guests feel comfortable, even if the host is very poor. In Angola, breakfast is called mata-bicho, "kill the beast" (an empty growling stomach), and consists of tchisangua (drink made of water, ground cornmeal, and sugar). People in rural areas use their hands, but people in cities use utensils. When the dinner table is filled by guests, children eat in the kitchen or outside.


The president is cheif of state and head of government. Angola's has rich resources (oil, diamonds, gold, iron, timber, fish). School is mandotor until 6th grade. Most schools were damaged or abandoned during the war. Some,times school is held under a shade tree, shop, church, or home. Most classes are big due to very little teachers.