The Lorax


By Dr.Seuss


First person

Some interesting I learned in the book is the Ounce-Lar and the Lorax.

The Ounce-Lar is the one who cuts down trees.The Lorax is the one

Who try's to stop him.

An example of alliteration is when it says" those trees those trees those trufflutrees".

An example of onomatoeia is when it says"Wack".

The Ounce-Lar keeps cutting down trees but the Lorax tries to stop him each time.

when he does that he sends the birds,and bears and the fish far away.But the Ounce-Lar

Chops all the trees down and he gives a seed to a boy and hopes that he does the right


I enjoyed the book because it was silly.For example there were lots of sound