Katrina Bjornstad

Causes of Homelessness

Many people who are homeless today have became homeless the following ways:

  • Foreclosure on Home
  • Job Loss
  • Death of Family Member
  • Natural Disaster
  • Family Crisis
  • Domestic Violence
  • Lack of Transportation

Examples of Homeless People

Michael returned to America after being on tours of Iraq and Afghanistan with addictions to drugs and alcohol. These addictions led to job loss and eventually homelessness. He resides on the streets in Syracuse, New York and claims that the decisions that he has made is why he is homeless, but says "...for a veteran to be homeless is a tragedy."

Miguel was taken from his mother at 8-years-old and was continuously in and out of 10 foster homes. He tried to return to his mother, but found the situation volatile. Miguel moved around with relatives and returned to his mother who had him taken to a juvenile correctional facility. He is now 18 and is being helped by the Covenant House in New York.

When Norman came into homelessness, he had no clue where to go, where to sleep, or where to get a meal. He sleeps in the subway station, but expresses how dangerous it is to try to get some sleep. Because of an argument between a man involved with drugs at his shelter, Norman was kicked out for a period of time, but he has no wish to return.


The United States government is standing up for homeless people in America. It has made sure that they have a right to vote, even though they do not have an address, and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the homeless when the Los Angeles government confiscated their belongings off the streets. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is setting up programs that tailor to the needs of the homeless. I think the government can do more to aid the homeless, especially those who have served the United States military. They could set up more aid for shelters and because of the economy, they could help families that are in danger of losing their home and also buy houses that are cheap for the homeless.


The homeless can do things to help their situation such as find shelters, organizations, and charities that will help them obtain necessities. They also can go to job agencies for their in finding a secure job. Homeless people have resources that can help them, they just need to be active to help themselves get out of their dire situation.


Communities can do so much to help the homeless that live there. Many have soup kitchens that feed them and shelters to house them until they can operate on their own. People in the community can provide assistance in finding a job for them and getting them back on their feet.


As a single person there is much you can do to help the homeless. You can help by donating canned foods to local food pantries. A person can also donate money to homeless charities or to the homeless themselves. Volunteering time to any organization that helps the homeless is also a good way to help these unfortunate people.