HCS Viking Virtual Academy


Virtual Learning

Humboldt City Schools will be offering an online option for K-12 students to participate in Virtual Learning for the 2020-2021 school year. Virtual Learning is designed for families who do not feel it is in the best interest of their child and/or family’s health to return to the school building.

To manage staffing and scheduling, students must commit to either in-person or online learning for an established period and will not be permitted to move back and forth during this commitment.

- K-12 students participating in online learning will select that option for nine-weeks at a time.

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Please know that the level of expectation and accountability for students will resemble that of the traditional classroom.

- All Humboldt City Schools’ grading policies and procedures will apply during virtual learning. Our goal is to provide equitable instruction to students at home and in school.

- All courses are aligned with the district’s instructional goals and Tennessee’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks, and assessments. Courses are accredited and approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and Tennessee State Board of Education.

- Students who do not meet the expectations will not be eligible for continued enrollment in the program. (Please note this is VERY different from spring.)

- Partnership must be established between students, educators, parents, and caregivers for student success in Virtual Learning.

- Attendance will be required daily, and grades will be taken.

- Parent/Guardian must commit to providing support for the students and ensuring that these expectations are met during virtual learning.

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School Day

- Per the TN State Board of Education, students enrolled in virtual learning must commit to working 6.5 hours per day in grades 1-12 and 4 hours per day for Kindergarten to stay on pace in all subjects and make adequate progress.

- Failure to attend sessions each day and/or complete lessons assigned by the teacher may result in a student being recorded as absent for the instructional day.

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Other Information

Virtual Learning will include the following...

- Use of online learning facilitated by a HCS teacher via Schoology/Google Classroom.

- The Viking Virtual Academy is required to monitor student daily attendance in accordance with all applicable state laws, regulations, and local school board policies. Parents/guardians have the legal responsibility to be accountable for their student’s attendance under state law. Virtual Academy faculty will monitor violations of the state compulsory attendance laws and report truant students to the proper legal authorities.

- Virtual Academy students are required to attend multiple sessions each day and are expected to adhere to all district attendance policies. Attendance is based on participation in online learning sessions and work completed.

Technical Assistance with Virtual Learning Platforms

- Assistance related to the use of devices and software applied to virtual learning will be available from school district staff.


- Grab-and-Go meals will be available for virtual learning students. A schedule and plan for obtaining meals will be shared prior to beginning school.

Extracurricular Activities

- Students will be eligible for all extra-curricular activities governed by TSSAA Eligibility Rules as long as they meet all the attendance and academic requirements.

*Once registered and accepted for the Viking Virtual Academy, you will receive more information from your student's specific school.

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Viking Virtual Academy Application

In order to be enrolled in Humboldt City Schools' Virtual Learning to begin the 2020-2021 school year, the application form must be completed by July 31, 2020. If you are interested in the Humboldt City Schools' Virtual Learning, you can find the application form on the HCS website or at the link below. For any questions please contact us at 784-1441.