Future Parents

Adopt a Kid

Qualities a parent should have: (It's okay to apply if you're single)

Loving, Respectful, Caring, Cool headed, Good Cook, Be able to Discipline but to an extent (no beating on children) Good at playing Call of Duty, soccer, baseball, good at swimming, basketball, pool, and tennis. You have to be able to drive. Must have Netflix to keep your child entertained. Good with people, good at socializing, people person.


Duties include feeding, bathing, clothing, changing, nurturing, teaching morals, responsibility, authority as a parent. Must have a background check. Must be 21 or older.

Characteristics include:

Fun personality, Enjoys teaching, smart, stylish, good hygiene, good work ethic, loving, crazy, neat, open minded, creative, Humorous.

Benefits: Learn to be responsible. Having a child look up to you. Being a role model.

Salary: Each parent will be paid the amount of $5,000.00 a year due to stress with your child. We know they can be a handful and that's we give them to you.

Ship a Kid

If you are looking to adopt a child look no further, we have a wide variety of children from ages 18 months through age 10. Child comes with a certificate of authenticity of love. (May not apply to all children).