Rasa Holiday Gathering

Immediate Rasa Family Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange

I look forward to hosting our annual holiday event this year! We will be having a Beef Feast in lieu of traditional turkey or ham. We plan t eat around 1pm on Christmas Day. During the day we will be hosting reindeer games, Christmas movies, crafts, visiting, and relaxing!

Rasa Family Holiday Extravaganza

Thursday, Dec. 25th, 12-5pm

2627 Chihuahua Rd

Higginsville, MO

Saturday: 7:00-8:00am ~ Wake Up and Hot Drinks

8:00-10:00am ~ Good Ole Fashioned Country Breakfast

12:00-12:30pm ~ Social Time (Games, Auctions, Movie Watching, Crafts, Naps)

12:30-1:00pm ~ Happy Hour (light appetizers and drinks)

1:00-2:00pm ~ Dinner (a Beef Feast)

2:00-4:00pm ~ Gift Exchange

4:00-5:00pm ~ Cookies, Games and Visiting

5:00-? ~ Packing and Send Offs


Looking forward to seeing all of you, please RSVP to Kim via email or phone.

If you have any special dietary needs, please contact drkimgoforth@gmail.com.