By 1940 96.2% of Northeastern households in the United States of America had radio. While Southern Rural families still had 1 radio for every two households. While the Nazi rule radio was in place, ownership's in Germany with radio's rose from a low 4 million to 16 million in households around Germany. Radios did not exist in the first world war so when it came to WW2 radios came world wide. Also during the pre-war period sound was introduced to cinema and musicals were very popular.

Never before was it possible for not only single songs but also single recordings of songs to be so widely distributed to the population. Radios made the amount of veiwers to a single performance (a recording or broadcast production) become so much higher then before.

"Lili Marlene" was probably the most popular song of World War II with both German and British forces. This song was based on a German poem, this song was recorded in both English and German versions. The poem was set to music in 1938 and was a hit with troops in the Africa Korps. The song become so popular they decided to translate it to English.

WW2 Lili Marleen (1939 Version)