Meriwether Lewis:the great explorer

by: John Blamey

Thesis statement

Lewis wanted to explore the Louisiana territory because of his love for this country and the land

Biography of Meriwether Lewis


Lewis was born in Albemarle county, Virginia in 1774. As a child Lewis's family was friends with the Jefferson's. Lewis's father was a decorated soldier, but then died of pneumonia from crossing a freezing to see his family. His mother soon remarried to a retired military officer, Captain John Marks, Marks soon moved the family to Broad River Valley. During his time their, young Lewis, feel in love with hunting and the outdoors, and became a skilled hunter and outdoors man.


After Lewis's time in Broad River Valley Lewis moved back to Virginia to receive a formal education between the age of 12 and 14. First school he attended was taught by Parsons William Douglas and Mathew Maury. Then he studied with Dr.Charles Evritt, but then the two grew a disliking for each other. So then Lewis finished his education with Dr.James Waddle in 1790.


Lewis joined the army at the age of 24 in 1794. He joined because his dad was in the army as well. He was in the Militia, but then moved to a rifle company commanded by non other than William Clark himself. Lewis and Clark quickly became great friends. During his time in the company Lewis became a skilled rifleman. Then joined the regular army after the whiskey rebellion.

Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson

Lewis and Jefferson had been buddies since childhood. Then when Jefferson became president the two caught up after Lewis was done with the militia and joined the regular army. Thomas Jefferson appointed Lewis to captain then later asked him to be his private secretary, Lewis accepted. Then later purchased the Louisiana Territory, and asked Lewis to explore it, Lewis accepted. Lewis wanted old friend William Clark to join him, Clark said yes. Then after the expedition Jefferson appointed Lewis mayor of Louisiana Territory.

Love for the land and nature

Lewis loved to draw animals and landscapes which became useful in the expedition. Lewis loved outdoors too, he spent most of his time outdoors, to him the outdoors was his home. he loved to hunt as well as a kid he would go out in the middle of the night with his dogs and hunt.


Lewis was skilled at drawing and his skill became useful during the expedition when he discovered new species of plants and animals. He was the first to explore the Louisiana Territory to find new land to colonize and farm on. He helped put an end to the whiskey rebellion. was a captain in the army. Lewis was the governor of the Louisiana territory. If it wasn't for Lewis we probably wouldn't know as much as we do about the territory today.

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