Battle of the Books

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What is it?

Battle of the Books is an organized celebration of literature. A team of junior/senior students come together in competition to answer questions about pre-selected books and authors. Battle of the Books promotes good sportmanship and team spirit. It is also a great source of competition for those students who do not enjoy athletics. The literary selections are taken from 6 different categories - exposing students to a variety of literary genres and authors.

Guidelines (short version)

1 All junior level teams will meet over two days for a round robin of battles. Similarly, the senior level teams will meet on another 2 days for their battles.

2 All battles will be between two teams.

3 Teams will be randomly divided into odd and even numbers.

4 All the odds will play against the evens in the round robin battles. Winners will be announced at the end of each game.

5 A cumulative score will be kept for each team. The final winners will be announced at the end of all round robins.

6 The two highest scoring junior teams and the two highest scoring senior teams will proceed to the Grand Battle.

7 All teams will consist of a maximum of 9 members: 6 players & 3 substitutes.

- Junior Level Teams - 2 students from each grades 3, 4 & 5, as well as one student

substitute per grade.
- Senior Level Teams - 2 students from each of grades 6, 7 & 8, as well as one student

substitute per grade.

8 Each team will have a spokesperson designated by either the team or teacher. While the team is encouraged to quietly discuss the possible answers, it is this person who will put forward the team answer.

9 Each team will be asked 7 questions per battle from the following categories:

· Canadian

· Award Winners

· Classics

· Modern Classics

· New Titles - Last three years

· Popular Fiction

· Character

· Folk/Fairytale for Junior Level

· Science Fiction/Fantasy for Senior Level

10 The team to which the question is addressed has 30 seconds in which to give the title and/or author of the book.

11 Five (5) points will be given to the team correctly identifying the title, and three (3) points will be given for identifying the author's surname. Author's first name is not necessary.

12 If at the end of the 30 seconds, the team is unable to answer the question correctly, the opposing team will be allowed the opportunity to give title and/or author and will receive bonus points if correctly answered. Answer must be immediate. Bonus points are awarded as follows: Two (2) points for title and (1) point for author's surname.

*For full list of guidelines: