Unit Overview


What is happening..

Students will be investigating solutions to the problem of the need for recreational facilities within their community. They will look at what facilities are available, the various age groups/community groups they are catering to and create a survey outlining the needs for the community and what are the best solutions.

Following the provided technology design process cycle and the weebly outlining their tasks, students work individually and collaboratively to record their ideas that will be used as evidence of their investigation towards their final assessment.

The summative assessment will be a presentation of a submission supported by a justification as to their choices of design.The design must take into account other factors such as ease of access for a range of physical abilities, and diverse ranges of age groups and their needs.

In this unit students will

  • investigate parks already constructed
  • create a survey
  • analyse survey results
  • investigate/brainstorm and record possible solutions/scenarios and choose the best fit
  • investigate equipment - cost, suitablility,
  • take into account land size
  • evaluate design ideas, processes, solutions (peer assess)
  • communicate ideas using technical terms and technologies
  • examine factors - social, ethical, sustainability considerations
  • engage with experts from local council and others who specialise in planning/developing
  • use a variety of ICT tools to communicate their ideas

Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding

Design and Technologies Processes and Production Skills