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February 12, 2016

Monday, February 15th: Snow Make-Up Day

Monday should be a normal school day (pending any future weather) Enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend!

Our kids are getting some MAKER SPACE time!

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From our Amazing Guidance Counselors' Offices

This month we discussed ways to include others. The purpose was to increase students’ awareness of how others feel when they are not included and to increase students’ awareness of what they can do to include others. We discussed ways to include others.

The specific strategies were: introduce yourself, invite, give a choice, ask what they did, ask them to join, ask they think, give compliments, give encouragement, treat nicely, greet, perform positive actions, listen, and offer help.

On Mrs. Lewis Baker's website:

Guidance topic for the month as well as ways that teachers and parents can reinforce the concepts. This is available for anyone to view. This should assist in bringing the information to the school wide setting.

Third Grade Reading Unit: Mysteries

Officer Dial was asked to help 3rd grade teachers get their students hooked on mysteries for their current reading unit. Dial showed the students how to analyze clues, take fingerprints, find trajectories, make teeth and footprint molds, and how to eliminate suspects at a crime scene. Thanks to Officer Dial for partnering with teachers to show kids real life connections to our curriculum!

Feedback from our Staff Meeting

We had some questions come up about how to show artifacts for 1E: Teacher Demonstrates High Ethical Standards. Please see this document as some POSSIBLE indicators (not an all inclusive list)
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