~Tori Judkins

Globalization ~

Globalization is how things get around, and it is an advancement in our economy. It is a worldwide thing. It has been around for so long, but everyday it is improving.

Geography effects where, how and why pwoplw live where they do.

People tend to live in cities. But have you noticed how large cities are normally located by large water supplies. People for the longest times have always congregated near rivers, and large lakes. The water isn't only a water supply, but its also a food supply. Water ways are also good to have because large companies are able to get shipments on the water.
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This picture represents where the vans are made thought of and sold.
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This is a map of where the distribution centers and manufacturing centers are. It also shows how the shows and attire get around the world.
"Dam Daniel" Official Video

Fun fact about this video

The kid Daniel and hid friend who took the video were both on the Ellen show, Ellen gave Daniel a lifetime supply of shoes, unfortunately he was jumped because of it and is now hospitalized.