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Happy Holidays!

I can't believe our winter break is here already! This quarter has gone so quickly. I hope this break is a time of rest as you celebrate the holiday season as a family. Maybe there will even be a little extra time for reading by the Christmas tree in the evening or in the car on the way to visit family. The children have been so excited to check out some special holiday books from the library!

Here are a few new titles in our library that are perfect for reading at home as we prepare for the winter and snowy weather that will eventually arrive.

Every so often I find a little book hiding on the shelves that grabs my attention. I was shelving books and found a small holiday book by Lemony Snicket among his other novels. If you or or child have read any books by Lemony Snicket, you'll understand why this got my attention. It is now my favorite holiday story. I hope these words from the last page will give your family something to think about as we celebrate the season together.

It is a miracle

if you can find true friends,

and it is a miracle

if you have enough food to eat,

and it is a miracle

if you get to spend your days

and evenings doing whatever

it is you like to do,

and the holiday season

--like all the other seasons--

is a good time not only

to tell stories of miracles,

but to think about

the miracles in your own life,

and to be grateful for them.

Lemony Snicket

The Lump of Coal