Group Dynamics

Taken from Chapter 35 of Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture"

Some of the best advice...

"Being able to work well in a group is a vital and necessary skill in both the work world and in families."

1. Meet people properly

"It all starts with the introduction. Exchange contact information. Make sure you can pronounce everyone's names."

2. Find things you have in common

"You can almost always find something in common with another person, and from there, it's much easier to address issues where you have differences. Sports cut across boundaries of race and wealth. And if nothing else, we all have the weather in common."

3. Let everyone talk

"Don't finish someone's sentences. And talking louder and faster doesn't make your idea any better."

4. Check egos at the door

"When you discuss ideas, label them and write them down. The label should be descriptive of the idea, not the originator: 'The bridge story' not 'Jane's story'."

5. Praise each other

"Find something nice to say, even if it's a stretch. The worst ideas can have silver linings if you look hard enough."

6. Phrase alternatives as questions

"Instead of 'I think we should do A, not B,' try 'What if we did A, instead of B?' That allows people to offer comments rather than defend one choice."