Summative Assessment

By: Joron Harrell


Claim: Countries have different beliefs and need to maintain peace between their people to keep power. Making treaties, cooperation, and causing conflict are 3 options that countries usually choose to do when having problems with other countries.
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The Bullets and Ballots was a game where he have to make treaties to maintain peace to other countries. My role was the Army and Wealthy which is the group that has the most power to begin with. Other groups were not fond of us and were trying to bring us down. We had to make treaties in order to keep our role and the Army and Wealthy. The Guerrillas and the peasants were the 2 groups that caused the most chaos to the game. In the end the peasants won because the USA didn't use their takeover card. The peasants had 2 votes per person and out voted each group. Having the role as the Army and Wealthy was really tough because the way the game was set up. Through out the days of the Bullets and Ballots the social group causing the most chaos were the Guerrillas because they wanted power.
The Bullets and Ballots do represent the enduring understanding by how countries have to maintain peace to their people and other countries. It explained what countries will do to get on everybody's good side and gain the most power. In these cases cooperation works the best so people don't get hurt. Making conflict will not only get people hurt but other countries will start to target you because your enemy. What countries usually do is go after the group of people that is causing the most problems to keep the world safe.
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The Bullets and Ballots represent what happen in the real world like with Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States. Guatemala and Mexico are having issues with drug cartels and Mexico's drug dealers are coming to the US. The game is what acts like what we are doing right now to solve this problem and make peace to other countries. If the world didn't have treaties their wouldn't be any peace to live by but only war and chaos. The United States are thinking about building a wall on the border of Mexico to keep out the the drugs. Mexico and Guatemala have already built started to build a wall.
The process for becoming a powerful social group is really hard when your hated by the majority of the people. This must be how it is in the real world and why it takes so long for people to find solutions for it. Being in this type of situation is probably very hard considering that there is a lot going on throughout the world that can be distracting.


In the real world the government has to protect the people and make them happy. They also want to make peace with other countries so their is no war. The bullets and ballots did a great job of teaching us how real world problems cause war like drugs being brought it to the US by illegal immigrants. The 2016 presidential election is focusing on the problem with Mexico, Guatemala, and our country the United States. People are campaigning about building a wall over the border of Mexico. The bullets and ballots also demonstrated how you have to maintain power when other governments are against you.
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My experience on how power shifts in the bullets and ballots game was very detailed. It was very hard for my social group to keep power against the Guerrillas because they kept making treaties with the peasants.

6 Word Story

Peace Is A Solution Not War