Super Star News Update

May 9 - May 13

Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength. - Unknown

Hunt's Corner

STAAR IS HERE!! And my, how our kiddos are going to SHINE. It is a true TEAM and family that has prepared them for this momentous day. From those first eager, hesitant steps through our doors en route to PreK, through the Kinder and 1st grade halls, growing in confidence and sense of self to 2nd and rounding the corner with the stretching strides of 3rd and 4th, You've been there. Thank you for doing whatever it takes, owning each and every child, together. You are the BEST, and what you do matters!!

Items to Note

  • Yearbooks: Staff may purchase yearbooks for $12. See Lisa or Letitia! Student yearbooks continue to be available for $15.
  • STAAR Blitz officially ends today. Many intervention programs will resume their regular schedules. Keep in mind that Monday and Tuesday, CM, Resource, the Computer Lab, Science Lab, and Library will be closed. Small Groups will test until 2:30. Thank you for going above and beyond to support our students!
  • As you send out newsletters and reminders to parents, please include that the campus will be closed to visitors Monday and Tuesday due to testing.
  • As potential retentions are being considered, thank you for bringing those students before the SST and/or meeting with Rebekah to review academic progress and contributing factors.
  • Playground FYI: A few of you have asked about our mulch pile and about the muddy area surrounding our (new, smaller surface area) playground. Official word is: The mulch will be hauled off soon. Seed has been planted in the muddy areas to grow grass.
  • Please review the attached PBIS data. Referrals are up significantly from last year. How can we support each other, you, and our students for a successful last few weeks of school?
  • Staff Meeting this week on Thursday, May 12: Dr. Powell's Campus Visit and Recognitions Ceremony
  • Martha, thank you for sending your students to lead us in Announcements last week. We're looking forward to hearing from Sheyla's class!

Happy Nurse's Day

Friday, May 6th, 9am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX


Friday, May 6th, 2pm

Sycamore hallways

Dr. Powell Visit: Recognitions Celebration

Thursday, May 12th, 3pm

Sycamore Library

3rd and 4th Grade STAAR Tests

Monday, May 9th, 8am to Tuesday, May 10th, 3pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

BOGO Book Fair!!

Wednesday, May 11th, 8am to Friday, May 13th, 2:45pm

Sycamore Library

Big Kahuna Super Star Party

Tuesday, May 31st, 8am

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX